5 Essential Tips for a Neat and Clean RV Trip

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5 Essential Tips for a Neat and Clean RV Trip

Keep it clean

An RV trip offers a unique opportunity to bring more luxuries along, not to mention the ability to cook your own meals and the convenience of built-in sleeping arrangements. Since you are essentially living in your RV, it’s important to keep everything clean and neat. Too much clutter and you’re apt to lose things, plus if you let it go, you will soon be “living” with a big mess.

Here are 5 essential tips for a neat and clean RV trip

1. Learn how to de-clutter

Yes, you have more room in an RV than you do in a car, but you don’t have unlimited space. Make sure you only bring the minimum essentials. Be realistic and know that everything in your RV needs to be put away somewhere. Leave personal knickknacks at home and stick to more practical items you will actually use.

2. Take time to clean up every day

If you do a little cleaning every day, you will spend less time at it and be less likely to wind up with a messy RV. A good time to clean up is after mealtimes. You can divide up duties or take turns so one person isn’t always burdened with cleaning. Be sure to make the kids take part, as well. They can have daily assigned chores, just as they would at home.

3. Be mindful of bringing nature inside

Campgrounds can be messy places, especially if the site is in a wooded area or near the beach. Tracking in dirt or mud represents one more thing you have to clean. Take off or clean dirty shoes outside. If you’ve been walking on the beach, be sure to wash off the sand before going inside.

4. Bring a mop and/or vacuum

Even if you clean off outside, you’ll still wind up tracking in some dirt, and other contaminants. Bring along a mop and small vacuum to clean the floors every day. You don’t need to bring the industrial-sized vacuum, though. You can find space-saving versions online or at your local home goods store.

5. Practice good RV bathroom etiquette

The RV bathroom is one place that can really stink up your vacation. You have to remember that RV toilets don’t operate like the ones at home. There are no sewers or septic tanks to conveniently “take away” your business. RV toilets are connected to a holding tank that must be emptied and you can’t use the same kind of toilet paper. They also don’t use water in the same way.

Here are some tips for avoiding a smelly RV bathroom:

  • Clean the bathroom and toilet every day.
  • Empty the holding tank regularly, but don’t leave the valve open when you’re connected.
  • Use specially designed RV toilet chemicals to help neutralize toilet odors.
  • Buy special, dissolvable toilet paper to avoid clogs.
  • Turn off the bathroom vent fan whenever you flush.

A clean RV means a more enjoyable trip for everyone. Keep these tips in mind, so your RV stays neat and tidy. For more helpful tips, become an RV Advisor Member today.

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