Destination Alaska!

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Destination Alaska!

The wild unknown

If there’s one place in the United States that’s filled with mystery and wilderness, it’s Alaska. The soaring, white mountains and deep, green forests carry our minds through the ages to a time before power and cars and modern trappings. It’s the perfect place to get in touch with nature, to ground our minds, and remind us of who we are, and where we came from.

You bought an RV because you wanted a taste of something new, something beyond your comfort zone, and Alaska offers just that. See the northern lights painted across the still sky, or stargaze under the open, black expanse. See wild animals up-close and personal, and see swaths of land, untouched by human hands. Get ready for one wild ride, because Alaska is waiting for you.

Spend the night in the Kodiak

Camping and bears and birds, oh my! Buskin State Recreation Site has all you long to see of Alaska. There’s a lake, there’s a beach, and there’s a ton of wilderness. Try your hand at fishing the Alaskan way, and if you go at the right time, your kids can compete in a fishing derby. If you’re not into fishing and would rather take in the sites, there are trails for hiking and mountain biking. If you go far enough, you’ll even catch a glimpse of some old World War 2 buildings!

Embrace the outdoors like never before

If it’s the Alaskan outdoors you want to explore, you need to visit Bird Creek Campground. If it’s an outdoor activity you love to do, you can do it here. You can climb, bike, hike, revel in the rain forest, and even watch for beluga whales! If the season is right, you can fish and see spawning salmon as well. Bird Creek is a slice of nature not far from city life, so if there’s anything you need while you’re there, take a short trip to Anchorage and make a day of it!

Water fun for all

If you visit Eklutna Lake Campground in the summer, there are all kinds of water activities to thrill you. The mountain range in the background will help ease your mind while Eklutna lake soothes your soul. If you get tired of swimming, there are 25 miles of trails for you to take advantage of and plenty of quiet resting places along the way.

Voyage into the Kenai Mountains

While Tenderfoot Creek Campground may be right on the highway, the glassy lake is a piece of Heaven come to Earth. You’ll barely notice the sound of traffic while taking a dip in these pristine waters. While you’re enjoying the view of the lake, embrace the full history of the Alaskan Goldrush. If biking and hiking are more your style than paddle boating, there are trails for you to enjoy your favorite pastime.

Ice worms are real, and they’re waiting for you to spot them

Black Bear Campground is bursting with history for you to explore. Better than the serenity to take your mind on a vacation from life’s stresses, Black Bear Campground also has access to a real glacier! You can see worms burrowing through the ice as the sun sets, and see all the wonders of Alaska in this one campground. What’s more is it’s a trip to the past! All around you will see nature struggling to reclaim what it possessed before the last ice age.

A rush for gold

Watch your step, Bertha Creek Campground still shows signs of the Goldrush! This is a quiet place to find peace. You can spend some time hiking and picking berries along the way, or relax by the creek and watch for animals. Biking is a favorite pastime for people visiting Bertha Creek, but it’s not required! While you’re out exploring the grounds, don’t hesitate to pan for gold, who knows what you will find!

Don’t fret, RV Advisor has you covered for your trip to Alaska. You may worry that you’re without protection while you’re driving through Canada, but with a membership through RV Advisor, you can enjoy all of our security features, even when you’re visiting our neighbors to the north!

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