Home on the Road: Tips to Make Your RV Homier

Put your heart into your RV

When you first lay eyes on your RV, your mind already starts planning all the places you’ll visit, the people you’ll meet, and the new life you’ll lead. When you step into your RV, a sense of excitement comes over you because this represents the new start you’ve been looking for. This is a new home that you can sink into. You can nap on the road, listening to the rain pour down around you and cars passing you on the interstate. You can settle at a park and wake each morning to the sounds of nature knowing the day will be filled with great activities and amazing memories. You can’t help but feel that this RV is an extension of yourself.

But as the months pass, something shifts. The manufactured feel of the RV has voided it of all character. The charm of the road still lives in you, but the RV no longer feels like an extension of you because it lacks the trappings that reflect your unique personality.

Personalizing your RV by adding little touches can close the yawning gap you feel opening between you and your rig.



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