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Kip Staff asked 1 year ago

I have a 2018 Dutchman Kodiak 201QB. When running the furnace for an extended period it will suddenly not come on when the trailer drops below the set temperature. The only way to reset it is to pull the fuse out and put it back in…the fuse is not blown. Any suggestions? My dealership said they would have to recreate the senerio to get a better understanding but they had not heard of this issue before.

Gigi Stetler replied 1 year ago

It sounds thermostat related put I will re create tomorrow and respond again

Kcraglow Staff replied 1 year ago


gigi stetler replied 1 year ago

I could not get the issue to duplicate put pulling fuse does re set thermostat so I would look into changing that as it maybe defected
Let me know how that goes

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