Laura s asked 8 months ago

I can’t get rid of the stinky bathroom issue! Doesn’t matter if tank has been emptied in an hour or days same smell. Any advise?

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Ricksorrenti Staff answered 7 months ago

I would recommend the following:

  1.  On a 40 Gallon black tank – add 2 cups of DAWN dishwashing detergent
  2. Fill the tank with HOT water
  3. Dive thecRV for 30 minutes or longer
  4. Drain the tank and flush at least 4 FULL tanks of fresh water

After this the first part is done…odor gone.  From this point forward make the tank is treated with product called ODORLES Treatment for RV and Marine Holding Tanks

Ruth b answered 8 months ago

Even though you have dumped your Black Water Holding Tank and filled it up with water does not mean that tank is totally clean. There can still be an accumulation of waste in the tank that has not been broken down sufficiently enough. That waste can still remain in the tank even though you have dumped it.
I am not sure what kind of chemicals you are using to prevent odors and digest waste in your trailer Black Water Holding tank, but I have a few recommendations for you on some products that work well for us in our motorhome. You should also understand that the Grey Water Holding Tank can also emit odors if not properly treated. So let’s start off with tank treatments. The tank may have to be thoroughly flushed to get all the crud out. A lot of RVs come equipped with a built in tank flush system. Check your owner’s manual to see if your trailer is equipped with one. If so, flush the holding tank thoroughly and then retreat the tank with chemicals.

Chuck Staff answered 7 months ago

Having leftover waste in your black tank is indeed a fact of life for us in RV World…In addition to flushing our tanks, adding chemical to our black tank, (we use the liquid, Ultra Kem Holding Tank Deodorant with Formaldehyde, 8 oz Bottles) We also, from time to Time, put two bags of store bought ice in our tank via our toilet, go down the road and the ice tends to break a lot of debris off the readers, as well as, the walls of the tank. You know, a homemade macerator ;}    

gigi stetler answered 7 months ago

Grey water tank is something more of an issue then black tank use grey water flush product or a 1/4 cup bleach and flush 

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