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What Is a Luxury RV Resort?

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What Is a Luxury RV Resort?

And is one worth staying at?

If you have been an RVer for a while, you’ve probably stayed at several different RV parks and campgrounds all over the country. While they all have their own distinctions, for the most part, the accommodations are pretty much the same. And that may be just fine with you; a meat-and-potatoes park could give you everything you need for a great trip. But, if you’ve ever been out on the road and saw a sign for a luxury RV resort, this might have piqued your interest. You may be wondering what this type of place offers and if it is worth investigating. Here’s what you need to know.

So, what exactly is a luxury RV resort?

As the name implies, a luxury resort has amenities a typical park generally doesn’t have. This could include things like a pool, movie theater, or golf course. Some resorts even have doggy daycare and RV cleaning services. While the term can get thrown around pretty loosely, there are some ways to tell if a luxury resort is legitimately luxurious, including being in a great location, having good security, and offering clean and well-maintained facilities.

What about the RV sites themselves?

Because you will probably spend most of your time at the resort in or around your RV, the site is important. RV spots at luxury resorts are typically very spacious and are designed to fit bigger RVs comfortably. They also usually offer a lot of privacy from nearby neighbors. In addition, they will almost certainly have full utility hookups, and they often come with things like an outdoor shower, large patio, and hot tub.

What about the price?

Okay, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The rates at basic RV parks can vary pretty widely, depending on what hookups you need, but you will probably pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 or $50 per day. For a luxury resort, however, it will easily be double that, and that’s on the lower end of the spectrum. For the most luxurious of the luxury resorts, rates may be up to $500 per day. Of course, prices are usually lower in the off-season, plus many resorts offer discounts for extended stays.

Is it worth it?

When deciding whether or not a luxury resort is worth the expense, there are few things to think about. First, what is your goal while traveling? If you have specific destinations in mind, it may not be worth it.

Think about it: If you’re spending all day checking out sites and attractions, you’re probably just using the RV park as a place to crash. This means you are most likely not going to take advantage of all of the things it has to offer.

On the other hand, a luxury RV resort could very well be your destination. If you are much more interested in relaxing and getting pampered than hitting the road to get to your next spot, it could well be worth the cost.

Even if a basic RV park gives you everything you need, at least once you may want to think about splurging a little and trying out one a little fancier. And because they are all over the U.S., it is possible that a luxury resort will be nearby on your next trip. Plus, with an RV Advisor membership, you may be able to save quite a bit on rates, as well as things like travel expenses and attractions.

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