When I emailed you, it was out of pure desperation…on a wing and a prayer. I didn’t know what results it would have or who would respond as I had emailed several RV companies that I’d Googled. None of the others that responded were able to help me.

I am so entirely grateful for this donation. I’m kinda worried about going back home because everyone is saying it’s so depressing but I must return.
God is going to bless you so much for your kind heart and compassionate consideration for a total stranger.

Thanks again from my son, Lennie and me!!

Hi Gigi!

Hey, how are you? I’ve been meaning to email you. I just wanted to express how truly grateful and appreciative I am for this trailer that you’ve gifted me. I’m not sure if I had mentioned it before but I would be homeless right now without it.

My son often says to me that he loves his home. Before now we have been shuffled and bullied and harrassed bouncing from place to place, not ever being comfortable enough to just be ourselves. He is free to be himself and so am I.

I’m hearing that the government doesn’t want the trailers in the country after next month…I don’t know how serious it is but I’m going to try to build a carport over mine and secure it to a foundation.

But yes, thanks again for my home. It’s mine and I love it and I thank God for touching your heart to send it to us.

Best Regards,
Sharona Etienne-Cole

Healthcare Worker Ernest in Boulder Colorado Receives FREE RV to Self-Quarantine

This wonderful donation allows Ernest to isolate himself safely from his family in order to stop the potential spread of the infection while he is on the front lines fighting COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Please help the RVACA continue to provide this service for those risking their lives to stop this virus. Donate Here!

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