Save more time, save more money, and save yourself aggravation. That’s what Gigi had in mind when she hand selected and developed these products and services. “It’s all about the RV owner!” The goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of tried and tested services that protects the RV owner’s interest. By offering more value to our members, we give them the confidence to go wherever they want knowing they can get the service they need whenever they may need it.

Gigi has selected affordable services that are far more superior to the competition. These services are designed to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Whether you are looking for an extended warranty to service your RV, or a Roadside Assistance program that covers your RV, your precious cargo, and towed vehicles, the RV Advisor is the place for you. Whether you’re stuck at a campsite and need a virtual mechanic to help you diagnose and fix the problem, or you need help with a contract or other issue, Gigi’s Personal Services will help get you in order.

Get coverage no matter where you are or what you own, rent or lease. Coverage includes motorhomes, horse trailers, travel trailers, all towed vehicles, and assistance with transporting your horses and livestock. Plus, there is no extra cost to add family members!

Don’t let unexpected repair costs ruin your fun. Get RV Advisor’s extended warranty protection for your vehicle. Avoid warranties that deny claims and have peace of mind with your added protection.

Tires and wheels are very expensive and more so on an RV. Don’t let road hazards cost you more time and money than necessary. Get Tire & Wheel Protection that covers the cost of repairs and labor in times of need.

Having adequate insurance to cover you from total loss and accidents is important. Now you can put your RV and all of your other vehicles under one policy, and save hundreds on your insurance each year.


RV Advisor members get direct access to buy wholesale RV Parts and Accessories.


The RV Advisor’s Travel and Rewards Club saves you over 40% on flights, car rentals, hotels, amusement parks, entertainment, restaurants, movies, shows and more.


32 year rv expert & life coach
fighting to the rv consumer

This service is a must for any prospective or current RV owner interested to maximize their fun and minimize their hassles from buying an RV or ownership experience. Our $350 package gets you Gigi’s expert RV advice and her legal team. See below for some examples.

  • Virtual shopper - buyer representation for price negotiations.
  • Insurance claim review & guidance - call us before you file your claim. Let us advise you if your claim should or would be covered.
  • Extended warranty review and questions.
  • Virtual trade-in appraisals - we'll help you determine your RV's real market value.
  • Financing questions.
  • Legal advice and/or opinion - review a contract, make demands, and help with other pre-litigation matters.


Not sure what that noise is? Stopped in the middle of nowhere? RV Advisor’s Virtual Diagnosis services can help you diagnose a problem with your RV no matter where you are! Ask away, we are here to help!

Mechanical problems are costly and ver time-consuming. Don’t rush your RV in for unnecessary and overpriced mechanical repairs. Save time and money with The RV Advisor’s Virtual Mechanic Diagnosis. Our team of certified mechanical RV experts will help you diagnose the cause of your problem and tell you how to fix it yourself.

Let us help you resolve your issue in minutes. Save hundreds of dollars and time that would have been spent waiting for a mechanic to visit you.

Hours of operation are 9 AM – 5 PM.

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