5 Tips to Address Common Problems on the Road

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5 Tips to Address Common Problems on the Road

The top 5 failures and their fixes

The whole point of owning an RV is doing everything on the road. Eating, sleeping, fitness, fun, and upkeep. RVs have so many moving parts that repairs will probably be required sooner or later. We offer five common issues and what you can do to fix them.

  1. Tough times with your toilet

Your RV needs the comforts of home. If your toilet has an issue, it can really make life a pain. The most common issue is the rubber seal around your water valve. It can fall victim to calcium build-ups, blockages, or standard wear and tear over time. Replacing a rubber seal is usually inexpensive, depending on your needs.

There are other ways your toilet can leak or let you down. Your black tank can back up with toilet tissue blockage. By flushing the tank regularly, you will prevent any clogging and overflow.

  1. Tackling troublesome tires

Your tires handle a lot of pressure (no pun intended) through carrying your RV’s weight, dealing with sometimes rough weather, or even rougher roads. RV tires are bigger than a car’s, but the principle of replacing them is similar. This is a worst-case scenario, of course. You can prevent it by:

  • Stay vigilant with your tire pressure.
  • Never exceed the load capacity for the safety index of your tires.
  • Checking regularly to see if your tire treads have any obstructions, wear and tear,or embedded particles that could impede traction and performance.
  • Maintaining as low a speed as possible on your travels. Higher speeds will burn your tires our faster.

If you do have to replace the tire be sure to find a safe spot to pull over. Finally, don’t forget the two golden rules: carry roadside assistance and a spare!

  1. Beating bad batteries

A lot relies on your RV battery, and your electrical appliances can drain it fast. A rundown battery is one of the most common headaches for RV owners, but it can be mitigated by adopting a few good habits. The 50 percent rule is a solid one. Never let your battery charge drop below half power. Not only does this make for faster recharge, but it’s also beneficial for your battery’s long-term performance.

You don’t want to overcharge your battery, either; that means a burnout as the water in the battery gets used up. Maintain your battery’s water level by checking it’s not getting too low and top up with distilled water.

  1. Water line woes

Freezes are bad news for water lines and often cause them to split. Your RV’s water line can be copper or plastic depending on its age, with plastic being the more common. Fixing a split line can be as simple as removing the damaged segment and inserting a replacement length of the line.

With a job this important, you may have to drop by the nearest hardware store to discuss your line type with qualified staff, or better yet, stop by the site and Ask Gigi as part of you RV Advisor membership.

  1. Man-made menaces and Mother Nature

The great outdoors and your fellow travelers are two of the best things about road life. On the other hand, nature and man-made objects can really become bothersome. Staying warm can often be a challenge in your RV, while bridges, low-hanging branches, road signs, and other things can scrape, prod or even puncture your rig.

You can stay on top of things (literally) by checking up on your RV’s roof. Your top takes a beating as much as your underside, and many RV owners neglect to check this area. This quick guide offers great tips for weatherproofing an RV, and you can be proactive with RV roof management by keeping a close eye on sealants and scrapes.

We hope you’ll benefit from this top 5 repair list. We have plenty more advice, insight and practical knowledge on our website. If you find yourself in a pinch, stop by the site for a live chat. Our team of experts has over 30 years in the industry.

At RV Advisor, we are proud to provide our thousands of members with practical wisdom for life on the road. We cover everything from buying new or used, roadside assistance and where to stop and shop. You can drop by our home page for a live chat or call 833-229-0911.


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