6 Roadside Attractions That Make It Worth Re-Routing Your Road Trip

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6 Roadside Attractions That Make It Worth Re-Routing Your Road Trip

Enjoy the journey by exploring roadside stops on the way to your destination

For many, the purpose of RV ownership is to enjoy the freedom of the open road; it’s not so much about the destination anymore, it’s the joy of the journey. Without the time constraints of hotel reservations or worrying about where you’ll sleep at night, your vacation is no longer limited to one carefully researched place, but now includes everything on the way there and back.

There are so many amazing attractions to enjoy once you learn to appreciate the ride instead of the arrival. Whether you like art, food, landscapes, or the esoteric, there’s a destination out there waiting to welcome you.

Plan your route

There are three general options for trip planning:

· A vague sense of direction complemented with spontaneity
· Planning your route and potential stops around your destination
· Determining your destination based off of what you want to see along the way

Make the most of your journey by fully understanding the options available to you. Luckily, the internet has made this easier than ever. Start bookmarking places of interest that pop up during your daily internet use or create a travel board on Pinterest for an easily visual representation of future travels.

If you’re actively in the planning phase, websites like can help you maximize your route by highlighting interesting attractions along the way. Begin by entering your start and end locations, and expand your options by defining how far off of the beaten path you’re willing to travel. Advanced filtering allows you to get incredibly specific, offering choices from microbreweries to amusement parks.

Inspired detours

Looking to be inspired by worthwhile roadside attractions? Start with the suggestions offered below to spark your imagination for unique destinations:

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park: Located in Springhill, Florida, a visit to Weeki Wachee Springs is like stepping back in road trip time. Whether you’re looking for a show put on by real-life underwater mermaids, or somewhere to take a quick dip in refreshing natural Florida springs, Weeki Wachee is filled with fun and old Florida charm.

The Mutter Museum: If you’re looking for a morbid stop, the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia is an intriguing option. Founded in 1858 to educate doctors in medical and anatomical anomalies, the museum has evolved into a disturbing collection of oddities, including skeletons, the plaster cast of conjoined twins, and a collection of 2,000 objects collected from people’s throats, among other unique items.

The World’s Smallest Church: Perched on a dock in the middle of a lake in Oneida, near Syracuse, New York, the World’s Smallest Church is a chapel built for two. Built in 1989 with diminutive dimensions of 51” by 81”, this will admittedly be a quick stop, but its scenic views and quirky nature are worth a look.

Cadillac Ranch: Want to make and consume some street art? Cadillac Ranch features ten graffiti-covered cars planted headfirst in the soil of a cattle pasture in Amarillo, Texas. This art installation was conceived by millionaire Stanley Marsh III and designed by a trio of architects. Bring some spray paint to add your personal mark.

Dinosaur Kingdom II: If you’re looking for a wacky adventure, a stop at Dinosaur Kingdom II in Natural Bridge, Virginia may be just the place. This offbeat attraction combines history and science fiction with a battle between historical characters and dinosaurs. It’s the perfect recipe of roadside kitsch, scenic visuals, and crazy backstory to make for an entertaining stop.

Winchester Mystery House: Do you have an appreciation for the peculiar? The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California is part real estate oddity, part ghost story. Sarah Winchester, widow of rifle magnate William Winchester, was advised by a medium that she must continue construction in the form of an elaborate labyrinth in order to confuse the disturbed spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles. The end result is an eerie, unconventional mansion.

Roadside attractions are an essential part of Americana and a fun destination diversion. With 4 million miles of highways and roads across the USA, your options for road trip-related fun are abundant. Slow down and enjoy your journey by exploring more of the unknown that can be found along the way.


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