8 RV Accessories That Will Make Life on the Road Easier

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8 RV Accessories That Will Make Life on the Road Easier

Camping in your RV is an absolute blast, but you only have so much space in your camper.

Because storage is at a premium, you should only bring the best RV accessories. Regardless of whether you live full-time in your camper or just use it for weekend getaways, a few essential items will make your life much easier on the road.

Take a look at these top eight RV accessories to enhance your RV adventure.

1. Solar-powered cell phone bank

It’s a good idea to have an alternative way to charge your phone. Even if you usually camp with access to hookups, having a solar-powered cell phone bank gives you options. You can boondock without losing service, or use your phone in an emergency.

Some solar-powered banks are water and dust resistant. Some have two USB ports so you can charge other electronics as well.

2. Fridge brace

Sometimes the small things can be the most frustrating. You might not think twice about securing the food in your fridge while you’re hitched up and riding, but you may regret it when you set up camp and realize you’ve got a gallon of spilled milk or juice.

Help your food stay put by using fridge braces. You’ll be glad you did!

3. RV minders

These nifty accessories are a godsend if you’re the type that might accidentally drive off with your external stairs extended. Crafted just like those slap bracelets that kids wore in the 90s, you slap them onto your steering wheel and take them off as you complete each chore.

With reminders on everything from your T.V. antenna, slide locks, or hookups, you can have a bright visual reminder to help you out every time you hit the road.

4. Stack-a-plate

Just like a fridge brace, a stack-a-plate set for your cabinets is a must-have. Even if you secure your cupboards before taking off, things can slide around as you drive. Avoid the mess of broken dishes with holders that keep everything secure.

5. QuickZip RV sheets

Lots of RV-ers complain about changing the bedding in their vehicle. Camper beds especially are set up in weird places to make the best use of space. It might make the room feel more spacious, but it can be difficult to change out the sheets.

These QuickZip RV sheets make it easy with a zip on/off top piece. It’s super easy to zip it off and throw it in the wash. When it’s clean, zip it right back on. No more cleaning gymnastics!

6. Wi-Fi ranger

Don’t set off on your RV adventure until you’ve picked up a Wi-Fi ranger. This equipment will boost your Wi-Fi signal up to two miles away – so you won’t have to worry about being close to a campground router.

A ranger can also encrypt your connection, which makes your internet browsing secure. If you plan on using public Wi-Fi, this is a must. It’s a little on the pricey side, but well worth it if you like to stream movies or use the internet while you travel.


Ditch the atlas and get yourself set up with a GPS device. You can use your smartphone or tablet for this, but it can drain your data and battery.

Most RV-ers like to get a standalone RV GPS because many of these units are programmed to help you find routes based on your height and weight restrictions.

8. Walkie talkies

Walkie talkies or two-way radios are very handy for an RV trip, even if you have cell phones. If you travel in multiple cars, it is easy to check in as you go. If you go through rural areas with spotty service, walkie talkies can pick up where your cell phone can’t.

This is especially true if you camp off the grid and away from cell service – it’s an easy way to stay safe and connected without worrying about keeping your cell phone functional.

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