A Honeymoon on the Road

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A Honeymoon on the Road

Why you’ll want to say “I do” to a post-wedding RV trip

When people work on their wedding vows, they often put in things like “looking forward to a wonderful journey” or “can’t wait for our lifetime of adventures to begin.” (And if you’re prepping for your wedding and are stumped for vow ideas, feel free to use either of those.)

While these sentiments are mostly metaphorical, they don’t have to be. In fact, newlyweds can embark on a pretty amazing adventure once they’re done eating the cake. Instead of sitting around at a resort or on a beach, an RV honeymoon could be an excellent way to start a marriage.

Why take an RV honeymoon?

While not typical, taking an RV trip on a honeymoon is becoming more popular, especially among younger people. A survey found that 64 percent of Americans liked the idea of honeymooning in an RV, and that number went to 70 percent with millennials. And people of all walks of life are doing it for a number of reasons, such as:

You can go (almost) anywhere

With most trips, you pick a place, book a hotel room, and that’s that. While you may explore the surrounding area – and if you flew there, this would probably have to involve renting a car – most likely you’re not going to stray very far. And even if it’s an amazing city/island/etc., you’re kind of stuck there (especially if you’ve already put up non-fundable money).

With an RV, however, you can drive pretty much wherever you want and don’t have to limit your trip to just one spot. If you have the time, you can see quite a lot of the U.S. Plus, if you’re not crazy about one area, all you have to do is load up, hit the road, and find somewhere new to explore.

You might just find a forever home

If you’re not entirely enamored with your current town, this RV honeymoon gives you an excellent opportunity to see what else is out there. Setting out to visit some specific states and/or cities to get a feel for the culture could be a great idea, and you just never know what gems you’ll encounter along the way. Of course, if the trip is wildly successful, you may just decide to skip a house altogether and live happily every after in your RV.

You’ll really get to know each other

Even if you’ve been with one another for a while, it’s possible you don’t know everything about your partner and his or her habits. Even a one-bedroom apartment offers at least a little space to escape for a while. The same really can’t be said about an RV.

You’ll get a great insight into how organized (or disorganized) he or she is and perhaps how they’ll respond when cabin fever hits or you get lost and end up in the wrong town. While the entire trip may not be all peaches and cream, the whole experience will definitely bring you closer.

Tips for your RV honeymoon

Get the RV in order. First and foremost, you need to think about the RV. If you have one, a big chunk of your planning is done. If you don’t, renting is a good idea. And if you’ve never driven one, be sure to get in lots of practice before leaving on your trip.

Create a plan. Where do you want to go? The earlier you can figure this out, the better. This will allow you to come up with an itinerary and a route you’ll take, even if you don’t stick to it entirely. If there are specific places you want to see, consider making reservations at campgrounds or parks early.

Bring the right accessories. Aside from the basics like clothes and food, there are many other things you should think about bringing to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. These include a portable jump-starter, travel journal, and solar-powered charger.

Enjoy the journey. It’s too easy to say that an RV trip can act as a metaphor for a marriage, but we’ll say it anyway. While you’re bound to experience both literal and figurative potholes, you’ll have a much better time if you focus on the good stuff, both during the trip and afterward.

And if you plan to take future RV trips (and perhaps family vacations once any kiddies come along), we’ve got loads more tips and tricks for you.

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