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A Seat at the Table

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A Seat at the Table

The goal of the RV Advisor has always been to act on behalf of the RV consumer. We’re thrilled to announce we’re taking things one step further. The formation of the Recreational Vehicle Advisor Consumer Association (RVACA) is vital to reach some very lofty goals. The RVACA is an organization dedicated to supporting the independent RV owner.

We want a seat in Washington DC to fight for your rights as an RV owner. However, we can’t do it alone. This is a major undertaking where all of us need to combine our passion and dedication to make things happen in DC. Members, we encourage you to support this worthwhile organization. That way, everyone benefits. If you’re not already involved, become a member, sponsor, or vendor and help us help you.

We’re fully aware the journey won’t happen overnight, but that doesn’t mean a lot of good can’t be done along the way. For the past year, the RV Advisor has been going to bat for a lot of people. With a dot org status, we’ll have access to areas that previously have been closed.

We’re building our website now at www.rvaca.org. Soon, you can tap into the resources necessary to grow this organization. Share this news with your fellow RV enthusiasts and let’s build something truly worthwhile, together.

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