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The RV Advisor Guide to US National Parks

National Park Service In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson created the National Park Service. Today, the National Park Service protects 62 National Parks, and more than 400 areas, which spans more than 84 million acres, in all 50 states. The national parks welcome hundreds of millions of visitors a year, including you and your family in […]

RVA PhotoTips 7 – An Open and Shut Case

As you’ve been following these RV Advisor photo tips, you’ve no doubt noticed the connective tissue of the abiding equation of photography:         LIGHT + TIME + MEDIUM = PHOTO We are deeply into the time portion of the equation for the moment of this article. Phototips 6 touched briefly on the […]

PhotoTips 6 – A Brief History of Time

In our previous PhotoTips discussion introduced you to the concept of light as it pertains to photography. As one of the two main ingredients of the photographic equation, light alone is useless in the endeavor of image creating without its partner in science, TIME. Remember the equation:         LIGHT + TIME + […]

Digital Nomads – The Trend Toward RV Offices

road warrior

As the 2020 episode of Thanksgiving approaches, you’ve no doubt experienced one of the most unusual years of your life. The Coronavirus pandemic or 2020 has thrown most of our lives into an unexpected and chaotic stretch of time.  The pandemic is expected to continue causing disruption moving forward, the third wave projected to be […]

Photo Tips 5 – Introduction to Light

Our next Photo Tip… In the past few articles, we’ve done a deep dive into some pretty heady ideas about composition. We revisited centuries old theories of structure and interpretation. In this episode of RV Advisor’s Photo Tips, we’re going to discuss the simplest concept of all, one that takes us back 13.8 billion years […]

Photo Tips 4 – A New Perspective

That first moment of genius… The idea of freezing and capturing  what the eye sees directly in front of you. A stroke of pure genius. Here we are, over one hundred and fifty years later, with remarkably sophisticated tools that allow us to capture significantly more than what the unaided human eye can see. So […]

Photo Tips 3 – The Golden Ratio

Our last Photo Tip focused on the very beginnings of how to compose photos using the finite frame of your viewfinder. Assembling the contents of a good photo comes down to how you arrange them inside that finite frame we all have within our camera. Now that the basic idea of arranging the elements inside […]

Photo Tips – Introduction to Composition

Every time you point your camera to take a photo, you make a series of choices that define what that photo is. And when you look at that photo 10 minutes, 10 months or 10 years afterward, the choices you made at that moment will make the difference between scrolling right past it in your […]

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