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Best RV Activities For A Rainy Day

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Best RV Activities For A Rainy Day

Sometimes, bad weather can throw a wrench in your plans for a great outdoor experience.

Adventuring in an RV is a fantastic way to explore the country and experience nature firsthand. However, rainy days can leave you feeling cooped-up and bored inside your RV. If you’re traveling with kids, cabin fever can quickly make everyone miserable.

But bad weather doesn’t have to leave you feeling gloomy. Rainy days can be a great opportunity to do fun activities and spend quality time together. Here are a few of the best activities for a rainy day inside your RV.

Get creative

Drizzly afternoons are perfect for bringing out your creative side. Keep a small box in your RV with crafting supplies which you can take out to work on when you’re stuck inside.

If you’re traveling with kids, crafts can be a great way to have fun on rainy days. Or, you can play creative games like building with Legos. These don’t take up much storage space and give you a way to keep your family entertained. Of course, there are lots of other crafts you can play with. Unwind and de-stress with coloring books, making jewelry, or pressing flowers.

Capture The Memories

Many people enjoy taking the time to sit at their RV table and journal on days like this. You can write about your trip, the places you’ve visited, and the memories you’ve made. You’ll love looking back on the RV adventures you’ve chronicled in your journal.

If writing isn’t your thing, you can always set up your phone’s camera to record a vlog of yourself to recount your recent adventures, or simply record your voice if you just want an audio file.

Bake up a storm

One of the best things about RV vacationing is the comfort of your own kitchen space. Take advantage of your RV kitchen by cooking and baking on a rainy day.

It’s fun to make a hot soup and rolls when it’s cold and wet outside. Or, bake up something sweet. You can keep it simple with pre-prepped cookie dough or cobbler.

A hot meal or dessert can really add some comfort and fun on a cold wet day. Kids will love participating in cooking and baking projects with your supervision.

Keep kids occupied with board game fun

If you’re vacationing with your family, rainy days can be hard for kids. Without fun outdoor activities, things can start to feel pretty boring inside the RV.

A great way to bust rainy-day boredom is to break out some board games! Keep a stash of games handy in your RV for family play. Board games are a great way to spend time together and create fun memories.

There are quite a few games that are compact and won’t take up too much storage space in your RV. And, if you’re worried about competitive tempers running high, play harmonious games like Operation, Life, or Pictionary.

Snuggle up for your favorite movie

Relax and unwind with warm blankets and your favorite movie in your RV. Be sure to keep a collection of movies or television shows on hand so that you can sit back and enjoy your favorites on a rainy day. If you don’t want to carry the load of DVDs and cases, you can upload a bunch of movies to your laptop or tablet.

Nowadays, most commercial campgrounds have WiFi available. If that’s the case where you’re staying, you can connect to the campus WiFi and stream shows and movies from Netflix or Hulu.

Embrace the rain!

If you’re getting stir crazy in your RV, consider embracing the weather. One of the primary purposes of RV vacationing is to disconnect and rediscover the natural world.

We have so few opportunities in modern life to experience nature as it is. You can enjoy the beauty of a rainy day with a hot cup of tea under your awning, listening to the rain all around you. If you have kids, let them put on some rainboots to splash around in puddles and get wet.

Sometimes, getting a little messy can be a wonderful experience for you and your kids, and playing in the mud and rain is a great way to build fun memories.

Of course, you should always make safety a priority. Do not go outside if there is thunder or lightning.

Don’t let boredom get the best of you on bad weather days. Use these tips for creating memories and fun in your RV when you’re stuck inside. If you need more tips on enjoying your RV adventure, take a look at some of our other blog posts.

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