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Contractually Speaking

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Gigi's Corner - Contractually Speaking

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times

People need to read contracts carefully. They need someone like me to read their contracts. It’s not just price they have to concern themselves with. It’s the fine print and also the print that’s big and bright as day.

Let me give you an example. We have a member who purchased a three year membership and she was going to buy a rather expensive used coach from a dealer in Nebraska. Our Operations Manager and Claims Specialist had spent weeks going over coverages. Before our member could drive off the lot, she needed to have her contract purchased. Even after our careful research and advice, she decided to buy a cheaper contract through Wholesale Warranties.

Big mistake. It backfired. The policy did not cover what she really needed, because she didn’t read it thoroughly. We can’t help you if you go forward and buy a policy we don’t know about. Just a few hours after the member purchased the other policy, we heard back and they told us now an inspector wants $400.00 for a full inspection that wasn’t on the policy. But it was on the policy, she just didn’t read it carefully. Additionally, there’s a $125.00 an hour fee to go through the inspector, which ultimately will cost more than had she gone with the policy we recommended. All these problems occurred because the fine print wasn’t read carefully, and the member didn’t take experienced advice. Plus, now she was looking for our help to kind of reverse engineer the problem and get her out of a deal we had nothing to do with.

Our policy was a sign and drive, and that’s why we told her to go with it. All she needed was a PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) from the dealer and she was ready to go.

Sometimes when people think they’re getting the better price, they don’t read the fine print or look at the whole picture. Maybe (and that’s a big maybe) there’s something outside of the four corners of the contract we can argue over, but most likely they’re stuck with a bad policy. Why? Because if we don’t have a working relationship with the company they went outside to sign with, there’s very little to nothing we can do for you. We have working relationships with multiple reputable companies. If you’re denied a claim, we can find out why.

Bottom line

Let us help you. We read the fine print, and the big print. The real savings and value are in the details. Find out about these and other benefits of becoming an RV Advisor member today!

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