Cook Delicious Meals Over an Open Fire with These Helpful Tips

Better than homecooked, right over your campfire!

There’s so much to do and so much to enjoy with your RV. You’re making a new life for yourself, and you’re exploring new ways of living. While you’re adding experiences to your memory bank, why not take a culinary trip out of the kitchen? Living in an RV connects you with so much around you, including nature. Now’s the time to fully embrace it and whip up a delicious meal over a roaring fire!

The great thing about cooking over a campfire is you save your RV resources, like electricity and propane. In the hotter months and locales, you can keep the heat to a minimum by cooking outdoors instead of in. But don’t go into the cooking experience unprepared. We have tips to make your first experience a success instead of a disaster.



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