COVID-19 Risk Makes Travel by RV Safer Than Buses, Trains, and Airplanes

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COVID-19 Risk Makes Travel by RV Safer Than Buses, Trains, and Airplanes

Our planet is being attacked by the coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, more and more people are refusing to board airplanes. Once you get on a plane, get ready for that COVID-19 infected passenger behind you to be coughing and sneezing for the entire flight. You might think you are in the clear, just because some creep pointed a thermometer gun at your forehead when you boarded, gave you a sticker, and said you did not have the coronavirus. 

“Exit and entry screening may look reassuring, but experience with other diseases shows it’s exceedingly rare for screeners to detect infected passengers. Just last week, eight passengers who later tested positive for COVID-19 arrived in Shanghai from Italy and passed the airport screeners unnoticed, for example. And even if screeners do find the occasional case, it has almost no impact on the course of an outbreak.” – Science Mag

At least the public realizes the dangers of flying in a plane 

United Airlines just slashed its flying capacity for the next few months, by 50%. In the first two weeks of March, the airline flew a million less passengers than it did a year before. You might not think it could get worse, but it just might. CEO, Oscar Munoz, and President, Scott Kirby, wrote in a letter, 

“The bad news is that it’s getting worse. We expect both the number of customers and revenue to decline sharply in the days and weeks ahead.”

American Airlines announced that it was suspending 75% of its long haul international flights and will cut their US flights by 20% in April and 30% in May. 

Are you really willing to put yourself or your family at risk, sitting next to passengers sneezing and coughing. Buying that airline ticket is just like a roll of the die, with the ultimate outcome being decided by some computer algorithm that chooses the seating schedule. 

Sitting next to a coronavirus infected passenger

Health authorities have advised passengers within two rows of someone with the coronavirus to isolate themselves and seek medical attention. However, chances are, if you were sitting within two rows of a coronavirus inflicted passenger, you would not know. Hence, you would never self-isolate yourself. 

The air on a plane, train or bus holding an infected passenger may not be toxic. It is believed the coronavirus does not spread mainly through the air, but in droplets which fall on surfaces. “The new coronavirus isn’t believed to be an airborne virus, like measles or smallpox, that can circulate through the air,” UCF. One way the virus could transmitted is if an infected person sneezes on something, then your finger touches it, and then you place your finger in your mouth or eyes.

Still, such transmission makes flights very dangerous for those trying to avoid catching the virus, considering how long it could survive outside of a host. COVID-19 can survive on hard surfaces like plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours. So if the sick guy sitting in your seat on the flight before yours’ sneezed on the tray in front of you, the virus could very well still be alive and spread to you if you were to touch the contaminated area and then your own mouth.  

That being said, if anyone is on a plane, bus, or even a train with hundreds of other people, there is no way to know if that sneeze or a cough you just heard contained the coronavirus or any other infection for that matter. Why go through such torment?

Ditch the public transportation and head down Highway 61 in an RV!

RVs are such excellent modes of quarantine. Read this article and discover how government officials are using RVs to quarantine people who have the coronavirus. An RV is somewhat like your very own ecosystem. Food, entertainment and sleeping arrangements can all be found in your RV.

More important than what is inside an RV, is what is outside, or rather, what is kept outside. An RV is like a drawbridge on those old castles from the middle ages. If someone, or something, was not allowed in, then they  would not get past the gate and into the city. 

RV traveling is the easy way to go

There are other conveniences to traveling in an RV as well. Imagine you are flying to see your little sis’. Flight leaves at 7 am. As a result, you need to be at the airport at 5:30, leave the house at 4:45, and wake up at 4. The whole departure day is blown, as is half of the day before since you have to go to sleep so early. A day and a half for the arrival, plus another day and a half for the departure. As a result, flying taps three extra days to your vacation – three hectic and miserable days.

Instead, you could be driving down the highway, windows down, jamming out to some Grateful Dead tunes. Not too shabby. 


Now with all the RV sharing companies, dissenters can’t say that RVing is more expensive. You don’t have to buy an RV. Just rent one for as long as your vacation is going to be, for a fraction of the price. And obviously, you’ll want to make sure the RV is properly cleaned and sanitized.


Think of how much time you’ll save by having a kitchen and a bed in your RV. Instead of pulling into the closest truck stop and waiting for the waitress with the bee-hive hairdo to serve your meal, your wife just hands you a sandwich! 


With the virus decimating our world, the self-quarantine benefits offered by the RV could not be proclaimed loudly enough. Wouldn’t it be relieving if you could get your family from point A to point B without stepping out of the RV?

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