Don’t Break the Bank: Budget-Friendly RV Road Trips

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Road trips give you a chance to vacation at your own pace and create your own adventure

Are you looking for a memorable vacation that’s friendly on your wallet? This year, why not try a budget-friendly road trip? Skip the expensive airfare and pricey hotels.

If you set out in your RV, endless fun awaits you at the many scenic parks and campgrounds across the country. You can set your own pace, take as many stops as you’d like, and really soak in the scenery. Here’s some advice for taking a budget-friendly road trip this year.

Plan it out

While taking a road trip can be a frugal vacation option, the costs can add up quickly if you’re not prepared. Keep it frugal by planning out all of your expenses in advance.

Make a budget for your trip. Plan your route and gas mileage. Add in your costs for campsites and food – and be sure to throw in a few bucks for entertainment as well.

When you have it all planned, you won’t be caught off guard with spending. Doing a little preparation before your trip can really help you stay in the black.

Great trips don’t have to break the bank

The key to a budget-friendly road trip is to find a destination that is close to your home. While a cross-country trip is great fun, it isn’t always the cheapest option.

If you find a neat site within a moderate distance from your home, that’s the sweet spot. You can take the trip and have a wonderful time, but save a lot of money on campsite fees and gas.

Here are our top budget-friendly road trips in each region of the United States. Pick the one closest to you and get moving!

1. East Coast: US Route 1 from Maine to Florida. US Route 1 runs from Maine all the way down to the very tip of the Florida Keys. So, you can pretty much pick up this scenic route from anywhere along the East Coast.

We love the Southeast portion of Route 1 the most, and we think you will too. It takes you along stunning coastline views and over the ocean itself down towards the Florida Keys. Seriously, the driving alone is part of the fun as you cross hundreds of miles of pristine white beaches and Caribbean blue water.

For a budget-friendly campsite, try Leo’s Campground in Key West – it’s only $39 to $75 per night.

2. Midwest: Loess Hills Scenic Byway, Iowa. Iowa is rich in agricultural history, and its cities are manufacturing hubs. It’s an interesting place to explore, and despite its reputation for being flat, it actually has lots of scenic rolling hills and valleys.

The Loess Hills Scenic Byway runs along western Iowa and spans over 220 miles of parks, prairies, and hikes.

For a budget-friendly campsite with all the amenities, we recommend the Loess Hills Hideaway and Campground.

3. Pacific Northwest: Crater Lake, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful natural scenes in the world. Mountains, lush forests, pristine lakes, and immaculate wilderness make this destination a must-see for any outdoor enthusiast.

In particular, Crater Lake, Oregon is worth a trip. This beautiful blue lake is nestled under the shadow of the mountains, and the water is crisp and clear. Camping at Crater Lake is priced modestly, and they offer full accommodations for RV travelers.

4. Southwest: Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Arizona’s natural sites often get overlooked in favor of its most famous landscape – the Grand Canyon. And, while we think that’s definitely worth the drive, there are other beautiful places to visit Arizona.

One of these is the Antelope Canyon, a smaller canyon located on Navajo land. The views from inside this slot canyon are unparalleled, and you can take a very budget friendly tour for about $20 to $40.

Skip the airport and take a road trip this year

Road trips are an exciting way to see interesting new places. When you spend your vacation on a road trip, you’ll make memories that will last forever.

To make your road trip financially-friendly, stay within your budget, plan ahead, and choose destinations that are close to home.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect budget-friendly campground, take a look at our interactive map. Make your search easy by choosing a location, and we’ll show you all the campgrounds in that area.

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