Explore Gorgeous Destinations in Alabama from the Comfort of Your RV

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Explore Gorgeous Destinations in Alabama from the Comfort of Your RV

These sites will make you want to call Alabama sweet home away from home

Lynyrd Skynyrd tried to tell us all about the beauty in store if we just gave Alabama a chance. Did we listen? Well, we’re listening now! We’re navigating through the United States, and our coordinates landed on Alabama, where we’re told the skies are so blue. It’s not the skies that have us enthralled, however, but all the great state parks.

We want forests and water, sunsets and moonlit nights, animals and birds. We’re going to find them in Alabama. Whether you’re taking a special trip to Alabama, or you’re already there, be sure to check out some of our favorite destinations in this great state. Just make sure you’ve made enough room for plenty of peaches, blueberries, and pecans, which Alabama is famous for.

A mountainous love for the outdoors

You can’t go wrong when TripAdvisor awards you with their certificate of excellence as they’ve done for Oak Mountain State Park. Lauded for the vast array of outdoor activities to indulge your fitness side, Oak Mountain State Park allows for hiking, strolling through lush landscapes, mountain biking, fun in the water, and even geocaching. If nature happens to get too much for you, it’s near Birmingham for a night of dinner and fun!

Dig into nature

Whether you want something to do for the day or a place to spend the night, Cathedral Caverns is right for you. Sporting a consistent temperature of 60 degrees, you may want to bring a sweater, but touring the caverns and even digging for your own gems is sure to keep you warm. Once you’re done with your tour, be sure to hit the trails around the caverns and enjoy the sun!

Water everywhere!

Those may look like nothing more than pools, but they’re really fed by the underground springs that give Blue Springs State Park its name. The pools are always a refreshing 68 degree, a temperature comfortable enough to make even Goldilocks happy. But you won’t find bears when you’re enjoying paddleboats, fishing, and swimming. Hit the bird trail and see what feathered friends you can find, or just take a day for yourself and curl up with a nice book to enjoy the sun!

Family memories on the beach

Extend your stay and take advantage of the events that change weekly at Gulf State Park. Two miles of white-sand beaches gives you plenty of space to relax and enjoy the surf. When relaxation gets too much, you can take an adventure, enjoy trails for hiking or biking, two fishing locations, or take your furry friend over to the dog park to unwind.

Archery and boating fun for all

Wind Creek State Park proudly wears the title of the largest state park in the U.S., and they’ve packed it full of activities to make the trip worth it. Rent a boat and set sail, or if you’re in for a thrill, blaze through the canopy on their zipline. Pavilions allow you to host a group of friends, while archery and plenty of trails let you work on your fitness. If you’re there during the summer, be sure to grab a bite to eat at Creem at the Creek, where you can get your fill of sandwiches, pizza, and ice cream!

A spot to unwind

Sometimes we’re not looking for days filled with activities. Sometimes we’re just looking for great scenery, proximity to nature, and trails to while away the hours. Cheaha State Park has just what you’re looking for. In addition to mountain climbing and picnic areas, you can find biking trails, waterfall trails, and trails for hiking. Pets are welcome, and there’s even a dog park. If you do decide you want to add some activities, there are places for fishing and mining!

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