Explore Gorgeous Destinations in Alabama from the Comfort of Your RV

These sites will make you want to call Alabama sweet home away from home

Lynyrd Skynyrd tried to tell us all about the beauty in store if we just gave Alabama a chance. Did we listen? Well, we’re listening now! We’re navigating through the United States, and our coordinates landed on Alabama, where we’re told the skies are so blue. It’s not the skies that have us enthralled, however, but all the great state parks.

We want forests and water, sunsets and moonlit nights, animals and birds. We’re going to find them in Alabama. Whether you’re taking a special trip to Alabama, or you’re already there, be sure to check out some of our favorite destinations in this great state. Just make sure you’ve made enough room for plenty of peaches, blueberries, and pecans, which Alabama is famous for.



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