Finding your RV community

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Finding your RV community

RV-ing may still be considered kind of a niche activity to many, but statistics tell a different story.

Four easy ways to get connected

RV-ing may still be considered kind of a niche activity to many, but statistics tell a different story. Right now, around 8 million households in the U.S. own an RV, which is about 7 percent of the population. And while the majority of owners are over the age of 55, the fastest growing group of RV owners is age 35 to 54.

If you’re a new RV owner, you may not have known about the thriving RV community in America. The good news is that thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to engage with your fellow RV-ers. If you’re looking for advice, travel recommendations, or just some new friends, these tips and tools will help you connect.

Social media

No matter which type of people you want to reach out to, social media is a great place to start. Chances are you are already on Facebook, and you can use the network to find many RV clubs and groups.

There is another social site you may want to check out: Instagram. Many RV enthusiasts post pictures and stories chronicling their travels, which can give you inspiration for future travels. Once you create an Instagram account, in addition to posting your own stuff, you can follow accounts which encourage people to follow you.


Once you get started looking into websites devoted to RV life, you’ll probably be amazed at how many there are. A popular one is RVillage, which lets you register where you are or will be so you can connect with fellow travelers in the area. The site is often referred to as the Facebook of RV-ing. Escapees is another good one. In addition to conversing with RV-ers through forums, this site also provides a lot of helpful information. There are also RV sites designed for specific groups, such as women, wine lovers, and solo travelers.

Blogs and podcasts

There are dozens (if not more) of blogs and podcasts dedicated to all things RV. Not only do they provide interesting stories and helpful information, they give you a great opportunity to connect with the creators and/or people who leave comments.


Throughout the course of the year, there are always gatherings of RVers at campgrounds and other spots around the U.S. For example, Xscapers – which is an offshoot of Escapees and intended for people who live and work in their RVs – has a huge bash planned for Lake Havasu in January. But there are still many shows, rallies, and other events taking place this year that will help you connect with, learn from, and just hang out with folks who love RVs as much as you do.

The RV community in America may consist of millions, but for the most part, it is a tight-knit group. If you want to make the most of your membership in this collective, don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow travelers. You may be surprised just how many new friends you’ll make all over the country. And if you’re not yet part of the RV life but want to be, RV Advisor can help you get behind the wheel. Contact us for advice and information.

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