Four Steps to Plan Your Next RV Vacation

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Four Steps to Plan Your Next RV Vacation

Vacations take time to plan

That RV in your driveway hasn’t been used for months. Most of the RV is buried beneath mountains of snow. However, winter is a good time to start planning an awesome RV adventure in the summer. Vacations take time to plan, especially those good ones that your kids will tell their kids about.

The thought of a potential RV trip starts turning around in your mind. At first, the immensity of this spectacular adventure seems a little too much to get your head around. The last RV trip you took, required months of planning. You take a deep breath. Now, you’ve acknowledged the commitment you’re about to undertake.

For starters, the thought of an RV vacation shouldn’t really be this overwhelming. Don’t get bogged down in the planning stage. It is a commitment. Many of us come up with excuses to discard commitments. If done properly, planning an RV vacation is really as easy as 1-2-3 — OK, actually 1-2-3-4, as the best RV vacation you’ll ever take, can be planned in four easy steps.

Step #1

First, pick where you want to go. Think of this location as that pot at the end of the rainbow. This will be the end result of all your preparation as well as your cross country (or state) trek. During the entire RV drive, your kids will keep talking about this place. Whether it be the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or maybe some ideal camping ground, make sure the location offers something for everyone.

Many adventurous wanderers spit on the thought of having a destination. While it may be fun to just get in your RV and follow the moon, a destination goes a long way when taking a road trip.

Step #2

Next, consider your sleeping arrangements. Can your entire family sleep in the motorhome? If not, you need to pick camps where you’ll want to sleep. Do you just want a place to park your RV? Maybe you want a scenic camp that you and your family could walk around and explore. Some of these campgrounds offer onsite food options as well as organized activities. You can have an impressive family vacation without ever leaving some of these campgrounds!

Step #3

Once you know where you are going as well as your sleeping arrangements, you need to start researching which route you are going to take. Don’t just pick the most gas-efficient route. If you need to drive twenty miles out of the way to visit a haunted ghost town or some spectacular theme park, you should do it! Remember, the best RV trip is brimming with awesome memories and adventures. A drive from point A to point B will certainly be lacking those swashbuckling memories. Try to plan the route by staying overnight at historic monuments, cities, or attractions. In many cases, there’s something to see within every 10 miles across this country.

There are so many cool RV parks just waiting to be enjoyed by you and your children, it just might be the most important step while planning the RV trip your kids will talk about for decades. Some RV parks are just outside abandoned insane asylums, where ghosts are frequently spotted drifting about. Other RV parks are popular places to spot nomadic UFOs streaking across the sky.

Step #4

It’s smart to start planning your trip early, because bookings at many popular campgrounds can be tough to reserve! These days, it seems everyone is RVing. Undoubtedly, some of the campgrounds you choose will be filled up. Finding a vacant campground for you and your family to stay at during each night of the trip will take some time. With a little determination, you will pull it off.

While you are crafting this magnificent epic voyage, just consider the priceless benefits this trip will deliver. When your kids tell their kids about this awesome cross country trip they took with their grandparents years back, the trip will become eternal — adventures passed down through your family for generations.

Four simple steps are certainly not overwhelming. Think of how many awesome RV adventures and memories never transpire because someone is too scared to step into the preparation arena! And there is one final step. Make sure you are covered by the RV Advisor’s Roadside Assistance plan and Tire & Wheel coverage!

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