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Good News Comes in Twos

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Good News Comes in Twos

It’s always wonderful to share good news. And this time the good news comes in twos. We’re already approaching 300 military members at the RV Advisor. To those who serve or have served our great nation, we want to remind you how proud we’ve always been to offer a FREE membership in appreciation for your dedication and service.

The RV Advisor membership was created to protect your rights as an RV owner and enthusiast and arm you with the knowledge to navigate the complex RV industry. As an RV Advisor member, you can save thousands on campgrounds, parks, RV parts, RV service, roadside assistance, travel, entertainment, restaurants, shows, concerts and more. Membership also includes unlimited access to content, the RV Advisor community and experts, classifieds, contests, and much more.

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The Campers Have Arrived! I’m thrilled to let people know that some friends in the Bahamas who endured the punishing wrath of Hurricane Dorian now have a new place to live. We are so happy to help those in need. We are part of an ongoing effort to help the victims of this terrible natural disaster. Aid continues to pour in to the islands including some of the campers and supplies from the RV Advisor. Next time, we’ll post some photos of some of our friends there.

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