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Happiest Holidays to You and Yours – by Theresa Gallo

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Happiest Holidays to You and Yours

A year in review

During a year that has seen some trouble with RV manufacturers, RV dealers, and local laws, there are still those bright-eyed human beings that have special things they just have to do. Here are a few stories that we here at The RV Advisor are proud and honored to share.

A wonderful thing was done by a wonderful man!

This year, a gentleman living in Colorado watched the devastating news coverage of a camp fire in Paradise, CA from 2018. 95% of the town was gone including 8,000 homes and businesses which were destroyed. He was absolutely compelled to do something to help. His name is Woody Faircloth

What he did was drive an RV to Paradise with his daughter in tow, hooked up with local folks, and donated that RV to a family of six. He started an organization, rv4campfirefamily.org, and continues to donate RVs stuffed with supplies to the “Camp Fire Families”, 45 RVs so far.

This man was chosen by CNN to be one of their CNN Heroes. If you missed it, you can still catch clips on YouTube. His daughter is still at an impressionable age, and she will have memories of this wonderful event for the rest of her life. Visit their Go Fund Me page to help acquire additional RVs and supplies.

Bradley & Nikki Bozeman, Bozeman Foundation

We would like to mention Bradley and Nikki Bozeman and the Bozeman Foundation. Bradley is a center for the Baltimore Ravens, (they are almost at the Super Bowl) and they are full-time RVers. These two purchased a 40 foot fifth wheel to travel the country, visit schools and talk to children of various ages about bullying. They have been to 29 schools so far.

What they found out too late is that the 40 foot fifth wheel is too big for some states. They are seeking the sponsorship of another RV to complete their road trip plans and make it into Utah. Bradley and Nikki both say they are victims of bullying during different times in their lives, however, they are still feeling the effects of this type of behavior in their adult lives. They have been compelled to go out into the world and try to help children. You can hear them discuss these and other things as guests on the RV Advisor Podcast. They are amazing people with many gifts to offer and are truly a blessing!

Habitat for Humanity Care-A-Vanners Program

You can also listen to Ty Jones talk about the Care-A-Vanners program, which is a part of Habitat for Humanity. Hundreds of folks venture out in their RVs to special “build” sites, where they
participate in building homes for the homeless. The builds are chosen in advance and given to deserving people that either need a home or need the help of renovation for an unsafe home.

Everything you know about Habitat for Humanity is behind the Care-A-Vanners. These full-time RVers take on the responsibility of managing a build just like managing a small city. Their togetherness, community, and desire to help will astound you.

It’s The RVers!

RVers are finally on TV. They are getting television coverage and have made it to the Discovery Channel. We should be proud that this show made it to places like Discovery, PBS, iTunes, Amazon, and many more. They also made it to #1 on Apple TV.

The Producer made such a huge leap. This man is one of the hardest working persons I have ever met. The show is on every Sunday morning and they have already been picked up for season 2.
How special is that?

The holidays are a time for us to be grateful for all that we have. As bad as your situation might be, talk to the person next door to you to see how they are this year. Life is good every day that we wake up and breathe. Let’s give thanks and praise for all of the folks out there that are giving back?

The above stories inspired me, and I hope they will inspire you as well. We at the RV Advisor are here to go all the way for you, the RV enthusiast and the RV consumer. Join the RV Advisor today, and you’ll also become a member of the Recreational Vehicle Advisor Consumer Association (RVACA.org), the only RV Association representing you, the RV owners and RV enthusiasts. We want to help every step of the way, so you can enjoy the endless possibilities and joy an RV can bring to you and your family.

Happiest Holidays to you and yours, from The RV Advisor.

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