Home Away from Home Cooking: How to Stock Your RV Kitchen

Tips and tricks for packing your RV kitchen without sacrificing too much space

Whether you consider cooking a hobby or a chore, it’s one of those essential activities that’s much easier if you’re well-prepared. Owning an RV already puts you a step ahead of regular campers; you have storage, electricity, access to running water, and heat to cook with, with no concern for the local weather report.

It’s how you stock that kitchen that’s going to define your experience; if you have everything you need and more, you may be shuffling through a cluttered mess. If you go full minimalist, you may find yourself going out to dinner instead. Learn how to pack the perfect RV kitchen and enjoy meal time for miles to come.

Space-saving solutions

The most important factor to consider is space. Forget trying to recreate your kitchen at home – you’re going to have to sacrifice some conveniences.


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