How to Downsize for the RV Life

These tips will help you keep what you need and get rid of what you don’t

Choosing to trade in a house for an RV is a big decision. Immediately you’ve got a ton of things to think about, such as what to do with your home, what it will be like living full-time on the road, and how to find the right RV.

And what about all of your stuff? You probably have closets – and maybe an attic and basement – full of things you’ve accumulated over the years. What are you supposed to do with it all? Because space is limited even in the roomiest RVs, you need to downsize, and this guide will help you do it.

Start getting organized early

If you’ve ever moved before, almost certainly you know how much of a chore this is. It takes a lot of work clearing things out, getting rid of trash, and boxing up what’s left.


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