Keep Your RV Safe and Secure on The Road

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Keep Your RV Safe and Secure on The Road

8 theft prevention tips for your RV

Traveling in an RV means having experiences you’ll never forget. It will be even harder to forget your trip if you become a victim of theft. While it doesn’t happen all the time, thieves do sometimes target RVs since they can represent a soft target filled with a number of valuable items.

Not to mention a target that is mobile. If you’re heading out on a trip in your RV, it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to protect your temporary home.

Here are 8 theft prevention tips for your RV

1. Research campgrounds before you travel.

When you’re considering where to stay, take some time to research various campgrounds online beforehand. Look for reviews or comments from sites like RV Park Reviews for information about the park and surrounding areas. If there are a lot of negative reviews, think about staying somewhere else.

2. Park in visible and well-lit areas.

When requesting a campsite, ask for one that has good lighting at night, that is clearly visible, and has no obstructions from bushes or trees. If you pull off the road to take a break from driving, choose a busy parking lot or truck stop where there are more people around instead of parking at a deserted or dark rest area.

3. Prevent your RV from being stolen.

Stealing a Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel is a lot easier than you might imagine. All a thief needs to do is hook up your rig to his truck and take off. It might be a good idea to buy a hitch lock, which is a device that prevents anyone else from attaching the hitch to his or her vehicle.

Another option is to park your Trailer with the hitch facing the rear of your campsite, which will make it harder for anyone to hook up your Trailer to another vehicle. You’ll need a jockey wheel or tongue wheel to park your Trailer backward. A third option is getting boots to cover the wheels, which prevents them from being turned.

4. Lock your doors and windows.

You probably never leave your doors or windows unlocked at home, so follow the same rule when you’re on the road. All RVs have locks for the door and windows. Some can be pretty basic, so it might be a good idea to upgrade everything. Be sure to use the deadbolt on the door as well.

5. Close blinds or shades on the windows.

Window blinds/shades can help preserve your privacy and keep anyone from seeing inside your RV and taking an inventory of your belongings.

Remember, you’re likely to have a computer, tablet device, smartphone, electronic games, cameras, MP3 players or e-readers, and all these items can tempt a thief.

6. Don’t leave expensive items lying around.

Speaking of those expensive items, don’t ever leave them outside or lying around where they can be seen and easily taken. You might consider buying a small safe to secure valuables. Lock up larger items like bicycles or take them inside, especially at night.

7. Make them think someone is home.

If you leave your RV at any time, it’s a good idea to leave a radio on, and if you go out at night, leave the lights on. If your RV looks occupied, thieves are less likely to try anything.

8. Consider a security system.

Perhaps you have a security system for your home, and it’s just as easy to have one for your RV. There are a number of anti-theft devices that include motion-sensor lights and even alarms.

According to, “Many security systems come with motion detectors as part of the package. You can look for options with the lights built in to your RV or you can install lights on your own. If you choose to install your own motion-sensor lights, be sure to place lights 6 to 10 feet above the ground and point them toward anywhere there is dark space. Consider placing lights behind the camper, at the door, and on any corners.” As an added benefit, motion-sensor lights can also come in handy when it’s dark.

While it’s no fun to imagine someone stealing from you in a campground, you can never be too cautious. Follow these tips to help prevent theft and ensure you have a great vacation.

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