Make Your RV Trip Fun for the Whole Family

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Both kids and adults will enjoy playing these games

Road trips are exciting. Once you’re done with all of the planning and packing and are ready to hit the highway, everybody’s usually filled with a feeling of anticipation. You’ll talk about where you are going and what you will see and how fun it will be. But, before too long, boredom can set in. Parents especially know how quickly children can get bored, even on short car trips.

When a trip involves several hours in your RV, you have to be prepared to keep kids happy and entertained. But, instead of just making sure their devices and game systems are charged, why not play (non-electric) games everyone can enjoy? After all, one of the best parts of a family vacation is doing things together. You’ll enjoy the journey just as much as the destination with these fun activities.

Tell a brand-new story

While you could all probably tell countless fairy tales or those involving wizards or princesses, you’ll keep everyone’s attention better with a new story that everyone contributes to. It starts with one person throwing out a line, and then everybody takes turns adding a sentence or two. Not only is this a good way to pass the time, but it’s also a great use of imagination. You can also put in rules about the lines needing to rhyme or perhaps making the setting a place you’ll be visiting.

Get to know your neighbors

Another fun storytelling exercise involves the people out on the roads with you. Pick a driver or passenger in a car and then let the creative juices flow. Who are they? What’s their name? Where are they going? You can take turns making up a tale or perhaps each person can tell their own story about someone they spot.

Check out license plates

If you don’t want to focus on the people in the other cars, you can look at their license plates instead. See how many different states you can see. At the same time, you can try to come up with funny phrases based on the letters. MPD could be Mom’s Purple Donkey, for instance.

Keep things positive

Long trips – especially when there’s not a lot to see out the windows – can quickly result in whining or complaining, and you can harness that negativity into an amusing game. It begins with one person making a statement starting with the word “unfortunately.” For example: “Unfortunately, bears are going to come out of those woods and chase us.” And someone might reply: “Fortunately, we forgot to pack the honey, so they’ll go chase some other car.” See how many of these silly statements everyone can come up with.

Try a new version of Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions – where someone starts by thinking of anything that people have to guess – can be fun by itself, but Who Am I? might be a better game. It begins with one person picking a person, and everyone else has to guess his or her identity. And it could be anybody, including a family member, celebrity, or fictional character. Through yes or no questions, everybody has to figure out who the person is. You can stop at 20 or just keep going until someone gets it or you all give up.

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