Mix Up Some Fun: Enjoying Alcohol While RV-ing

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Enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly while traveling in your RV

The beauty of RV-life is the opportunity for rest and relaxation on the road. Life is a little more laid back when traveling in an RV; the days are long and unhurried, you’re exploring new places, and yet you’re comfortable in a familiar space while you do it. An RV vacation is the perfect set-up for kicking back and enjoying some alcoholic beverages. However, letting your guard down too much can lead to the potential for safety issues, and the consequences of risky decisions can be dire when you’re on the road. Think before you drink with tips and tricks to enjoy alcohol responsibly while on the road in your RV.

Stay safe

Don’t drink and drive is obvious enough, right? According to the Center for Disease Control, alcohol impairment accounted for 28 percent of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. in 2016, and more than 1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. Nothing will bring travel (and potentially, life) to a screeching halt like an arrest or accident, and, let’s face it, if driving a car under the influence is irresponsible, driving what is essentially a home on wheels is downright insane.

Plan your days to avoid finding yourself in a situation that would require driving after consuming adult beverages. Make sure you’re settled in at your campground with everything you could possibly need – or assign a designated driver if you’ll be going out later – before you begin drinking.

Although the not drinking and driving part of enjoying alcohol responsibly while on the road is clear enough, some areas are a little murkier when it comes to RVing. Consider the following to have fun while staying safe:

Open container laws

It’s easy to understand that the driver can’t drink and drive, but passengers can’t either. No cracking open a cold one in the back before parking; your home away from home doesn’t actually become a home until you’re done driving.

Your RV is still a vehicle, and open container laws apply like they do in a car. Avoid a citation by keeping alcoholic beverages packed away until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Local rules

Between dry counties, state park restrictions, and regulations at some private campgrounds, there’s no guarantee you can drink at your campsite either. Certain jurisdictions make it illegal to transport or consume alcohol. And even if it’s allowed by law, individual campgrounds can still prohibit consumption.

If enjoying alcoholic drinks is an important part of your travel plans, check the rules before you commit. Being fined – or worse, kicked out of your campsite – could really ruin a vacation.

Act appropriately

Keep in mind that even if drinking is allowed, public intoxication and/or bad behavior is unlikely to be tolerated. The safety and enjoyment of other guests has to be considered as well so management or authorities may step in if you are disturbing the peace.

Stay aware of your noise level while sitting around the campfire. As long as you keep the volume of your music and conversations low, you’re free to have fun.

There’s nothing wrong with unwinding with an adult beverage while you’re traveling. Alcohol can be enjoyed responsibly when treated with proper consideration and respect, and vacation is the ideal time to let loose and have a little fun. Follow the rules, prepare properly, and then pour yourself a drink to celebrate successful travel.

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