On the Road Doesn’t Have to Mean You’re Offline

How to Have Wi-Fi Connection for Your RV

We’ve all gotten so used to having Wi-Fi that we actually become panicked at the thought of going without. Of course, vacationing in an RV is a chance to get away from the mad scramble of our daily lives, but many still want modern conveniences.

Think of all the smart devices that need a Wi-Fi hookup these days, from your phone and tablet devices to e-readers, MP3 players, portable movie players, and video games.

Whether you want to look up directions, find a nearby restaurant, pay bills online, buy tickets to an event, or keep your children entertained, you’re going to want some sort of Wi-Fi connection while you’re on the road. So, how do you stay connected?

We offer some suggestions for finding or enabling Wi-Fi for your RV

There are a few ways to access Wi-Fi on the road. The first and easiest method is to find a free Public Accessible Wi-Fi Network. They are very common at chains like McDonald’s, Panera, and Starbucks, as well as public libraries and some truck or rest stops. Of course, this option only works if you go inside so this is more of a temporary option.



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