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Packing for your RV trip

The ultimate RV packing list.

Packing for your RV trip

What to take for your RV trip

Traveling in your RV is an adventure unlike anything else. You get closer to nature, but still have modern comforts right at your fingertips. Of course, you won’t have a great time unless you bring the right supplies. You also want to make sure you don’t bring too much. Remember, there is limited space on board. So, what should you bring along for your next RV trip?

We offer helpful tips on what to pack when heading out on the road in your RV. Keep in mind that these are suggestions. You may have additional things you want to bring.

Eating on the road

We’ll start with one of the most important aspects of RV-ing…food. The ability to bring your own kitchen on a trip is one of the biggest benefits of an RV. It’s up to you to outfit your kitchen so you have the necessary supplies on hand once you get to your destination. You can go as simple or gourmet as you like, and outdoor grilling is always an option, too.

What to bring for the kitchen:

· Drink ware: cups, mugs, wine glasses, etc.
· Plates and bowls
· Cooking utensils
· Eating utensils
· Grill
· Grilling utensils
· Campfire fork
· Cutting board
· Mixing bowls, measuring cups/spoons
· Pot holders/gloves
· Blender
· Toaster
· Tea kettle
· Colander
· Pots and pans
· Ice cube trays
· Bag clips
· Matches or click lighter
· Seasonings and condiments
· Cooking oil
· Tupperware, baggies and aluminum foil
· Bottle, can and wine openers
· Sponges, rags and towels
· Cleaning supplies
· Napkins and paper towels
· Dish soap

Time to go to sleep

After a long drive, you’ll need good sleep. You’ll probably indulge in naps at your campsite too. (Why not? You’re on vacation after all.) It’s important to be comfortable in your RV. Most have air conditioning, but depending on where you’re staying and the weather, you might opt to simply open the windows. You’ll also want supplies that will help you get a good night’s rest.

What to bring for sleeping:

· Sheets for all of the beds
· Extra blankets and/or sleeping bags
· Pillows and pillowcases

Keeping clean on the road

You could rough it and bathe in a lake or stream, but when you have an RV, you can take advantage of a real bathroom with hot, running water. Trust us, after a day of swimming in the ocean, hiking or biking, you’ll want to clean up and you will be very grateful for that bathroom.

What to bring for cleaning and bathing:

· Soap
· Shampoo and conditioner
· Blow dryer
· Toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss
· Toiletry kit (lip balm, deodorant, nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, shaving stuff, etc.)
· Skin care (face soap, lotion, powder, night cream, etc.)
· Brush or comb
· Towels and washcloths
· Toilet paper
· Cleaning supplies for the bathroom
· Laundry detergent
· A hamper or bag for carrying dirty clothes
· Shower-house bag
· Shower-house flip-flops/shoes
· Facial tissue
· Pharmacy (pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, cold medicine, allergy medicines, prescriptions, etc.)

When it’s time to relax

The whole point of camping is to get away from it all and relax. You’ll need a few things in order to get the full benefits of all that R&R.
What to bring for R&R:
· Foldable lounge/camping chairs
· Portable table
· Outdoor rug
· Books, magazines
· E-reader
· iPod or other music device
· Headphones
· Cards, games, crossword puzzles
· Paper and pens/pencils
· Lanterns
· Lawn games, Frisbee
· Camera and camera gear
· Water gear (swimsuits, beach towels, wetsuits, water shoes, bag for wet things)
· Device chargers (phones, tablets, computers, e-readers, etc.)

When it’s time to play

You’ve rested up. Now it’s time to have a little fun. Depending on your fitness and experience, you can choose more adventurous outings such as kayaking and mountain biking or go for something a little more low-key such as fishing, walking along the beach or exploring cute shops in the nearest town. Either way, you’ll want some supplies.

What to bring when you’ll be outside:

· Water bottles
· Sunscreen
· Sunglasses
· Hat or visor
· First Aid Kit (a large kit for the RV and a portable one for hiking)
· Walkie Talkies
· Insect repellant
· Backpacks
· Comfortable walking shoes
· Comfortable socks
· Gear for your preferred outdoor activities (fishing gear, binoculars, kayaks, etc.)
· Bikes and bike accessories (locks, helmets, HR monitor, tool kit, tire pump. etc.)
· Sport-specific shoes (cycling, running, hiking, water sports, etc.)
· Rain gear (jacket, umbrella, rain boots)
· Picnic/beach blanket
· Fitness equipment (yoga mat, resistance bands, hand weights, etc.)

Essentials for your safety

Whether you’re on the road in a RV or staying at a campground, you are bound to run into problems and emergencies. You need to have adequate supplies on hand for minor repairs until you can reach help. These items are essential in keeping you safe.

What to bring for your safety:

· Flashlights
· Batteries
· Scissors
· Fire extinguisher
· Ropes
· Shovel
· Water hose
· Took kit
· Road flares
· Trash and recycle bins and bags
· Leveling blocks
· Extra washers
· Propane
· Duct tape
· Gloves
· Jumper cables
· Tire pressure gauge
· Light bulbs
· Extension cords
· Tarps

Hitting the road in your RV will be one of the best adventures you can imagine, but you have to plan and make sure you have the supplies you’ll need. This handy list will be a great start.

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Packing for your RV trip

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Packing for your RV trip

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