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RV Advisor will Allow Anyone in the World to Check out the Most Important RV Event of the Year!

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RV Advisor will Allow Anyone in the World to Check out the Most Important RV Event of the Year!

If there is one event that everyone in the RV industry pays the most attention to, it is the Tampa RV SuperShow. For five days in January, the most innovative inventions, lavish luxuries and advanced technology in the RV industry are put on display. From the RV industry’s perspective, there is no better platform to present their latest toys to the public than the RV Supershow. Everyone in the audience is a passionate RV fanatic. Everyone in the audience is looking to purchase RV equipment. Of course the RV industry will take advantage of having the most dedicated RV enthusiasts across the world gathered under one roof.

After 34 years, Tampa’s RV Supershow remains the greatest RV event in the country. The word “greatest” describes the RV Supershow, because it is considered the biggest and best RV event. 26 acres of land at the Florida State Fairgrounds can barely fit the 1,550 RVs, 450 vendor booths, daily seminars, entertainment, educational lectures and exhibitions. Even overnight camping is available at the supershow!

The Tampa RV Supershow is like a little slice of RV heaven!

As many people that will be attending the Tampa’s RV Supershow, there will be even more RV enthusiasts unable to attend. Whether they live across the planet or maybe they can’t afford the plane ticket to Tampa, there are countless people who physically can not make it to the event. For the past 34 years, RV enthusiasts unable to attend the Tampa Supershow, could only read about the event. Like the cat gazing into the fish bowl, or the child examining candy on the other side of the store window, any RV enthusiast unable to attend the RV Supershow will be royally disappointed.

For the first time however, the RV Advisor will give these bummed out consumers a reason to smile! By recording the glorious RV event, anyone with computer access will be able to marvel at the magnificent RV innovations on display.

Last year’s Tampa RV Supershow had more than 73,000 people in attendance. That massive number becomes even more spectacular when you consider that each of those 73,000 people are RV enthusiasts, looking to spend dollars. Every RV company acknowledges the potential that the RV Supershow has. With every eyeball eagerly focused on the event, each RV company will try to steal the spotlight by displaying their greatest and most innovative products. The RV consumer is the one who wins at the Tampa RV Supershow, because everything is designed to get their attention.

How the Event will be arranged

The event will begin on January 14. However, January 14 is Industry Day, which is designed for people in the RV industry to network with the super show exhibitors. Only people with industry IDs will be permitted. Anyone interested in attending the exclusive Industry Day needs to register at this website.

January 15-19 is when the real RV action erupts! Two booth exhibit halls will be brimming with anything relating to an RV. A stroll through these halls will reveal booths displaying parts and accessories, advertising campgrounds and RV tourism destinations, and illustrating only the most innovative RV technology.

In addition, all the RVs of tomorrow will be on display. From small travel trailers to massive bus conversions, the Tampa RV Supershow will be a serious RV overload!

Whether you have been an RV enthusiast your whole life, or if you just recently acquired the RV bug, anyone interested in RVs will want to attend Tampa’s RV Supershow.

If you are going, follow this advice to enjoy the show even more

The Tampa RV Supershow is a popular destination for many RV family excursions. What better RV road trip destination than discovering the RV innovations of tomorrow?

There are some tips however, that anyone attending the show should keep in mind. For starters, try to arrive early in the day and therefore, avoid the massive crowds. Also, get ready to be doing A LOT of walking. Wear comfortable shoes and try to get a good night’s rest. Wheelchairs are available through the campgrounds. Stay comfortable, by bringing some refreshments as well as weather protection. Don’t waste valuable time on long lines for a bag of Funyuns, that you could be spending checking out cool RV gadgets.

If you are attending, have a great time. If not, stay tuned, go to our website and get ready to be blown away!

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