RV-ing in the Off-Season

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RV-ing in the Off-Season

Advantages of RV-ing in the fall and winter

Summer is winding down and the kids are back in school. Meanwhile, the air is turning cooler, and soon the autumn leaves will begin putting on a colorful display across many parts of the country.

This season is a great time to jump in your RV and head off on an adventure. Although many people think of camping as a “summer only” activity, there are many advantages to RV-ing during the off-season months.

Attend festivals and events

Many towns across the country hold annual Fall Festivals. From Vermont and Pennsylvania to Michigan and New Mexico, fall festivals feature great live music, fresh apple cider, seasonal pies, pumpkin patches, Halloween celebrations, hayrides, and fun activities for people of all ages.

Enjoy the fall colors

There are few things that can match autumn leaves in terms of sheer beauty. Fiery red, glorious yellow and vibrant orange compete for attention. You can see stunning displays across the country, from the Northeast and Midwest to the Pacific Northwest.

To help make your travel plans, features a Fall Foliage Prediction Map.

You’ll find fewer crowds

All those kiddies back in school means fewer people are hitting the road. This can make finding accommodations much easier. In many cases, you won’t even need to make reservations. According to Good Sam, “This allows you to stay where and for how long you desire without worrying about schedules. Some premium water-view campsites normally impossible to get may be easily attainable.”

With fewer people, you’ll also have more room to breath. Plus, if you don’t want to contend with a lot of energetic children, this might be an ideal time to indulge in a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere.

Shorter waits at attractions

If you want to visit popular attractions, you will find these usually have lower attendance as well. Summer months can mean long lines at water or theme parks and having to contend with huge crowds standing between you and your view of the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore.

This is generally not the case in off-season months. You’ll have a much easier time seeing attractions, getting into popular restaurants and experiencing shorter waits at many places.

You can save money

Along with a reduction in crowds and wait times, you’ll also find that admission prices at campgrounds and many local attractions are reduced during the off-season months.

This means you can save money, along with time and the aggravation of overcrowding.

Best places to RV in the off-season

If you want suggestions for where to RV in the off-season, we have several.

The southern coast

If you want milder temperatures, stick with the south, with one caution about this region. The south becomes home to many snowbirds during the winter months, so you’ll probably have to make reservations for campgrounds.

Still, the fact that you can camp without freezing is a huge advantage.

Suggested destinations:

New Orleans, Louisiana – The Big Easy offers so much to do in the fall and winter, including Mardi Gras in February, along with jazz hotspots, historic sights, and delicious food. Suggested campground: Three Oaks RV Campground.

Corpus Christi, Texas – If you want warm weather and sandy beaches, head to this coastal Texas town, which features natural wonders, marine life, and cosmopolitan culture. Suggested campground: Reed’s RV Park.

Crooked River State Park, Georgia – For a quiet spot where you can appreciate nature, turn your RV toward this State Park in St. Marys, Georgia. It offers a beautiful coastline along with beaches, forests, and marshland. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, kayaking, fishing, and even shrimping.

The desert southwest
The southwest has the advantage of milder temperatures in the fall and winter as well. You also have incredible landscapes to explore, including national and state parks, with fewer crowds.
Suggested destinations:

Phoenix, Arizona – Phoenix enjoys beautiful weather year-round, along with endless opportunities to explore the natural wonders, stunning formations and wildlife typical of the desert southwest. Suggested campground: Desert Sands RV Park.

Cimarron Canyon State Park, New Mexico – This is the perfect getaway destination, offering scenic views, a forested canyon, fascinating geology, and plenty of opportunities for fishing and hiking. The park had 3 RV-accessible campsites.

Crystal Cove State Park, California – Nestled between Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, this 2,400-acre park includes 18 miles of hiking trails and 3.2 miles of beachfront along the Pacific coast. You will also enjoy the Historic District, which includes an enclave of 46 vintage cabins that were part of a seaside colony in the 1930s.

While the summer months tend to get all the attention when it comes to RVing, there are advantages to hitting the road in the off-season. From the changing of leaves to fewer people, there are many reasons to plan your RV vacation for the fall and winter.


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