RV Safety on the Road

Tips for driving safely with passengers

Going on vacation in an RV is an amazing experience. However, you still need to follow the guidelines and laws whenever your RV is in motion. Here is an easy guide to help you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination.

Are seat belts required when an RV is in motion?

Yes…and no. The rules here can vary, as each state has its own seat belt laws. Some states require only those in the front of the RV to wear a seat belt, while other states require all passengers to buckle up. Regardless of the law, it is always recommended that everyone is strapped in whenever the RV is in motion. Keep in mind that seat belts in the dining or sleeping areas are not always bolted to the frame of the RV. If you were to be involved in a crash, they could easily become detached.

How can you keep children safe while riding in an RV?

The rules in each state are also different when it comes to children riding in an RV.



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