RV Travels: Absolute Must-Haves for a Long Road Trip

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RV Travels: Absolute Must-Haves for a Long Road Trip

It’s easy to forget these important items before you pile into the RV for a long vacation

The open road is a dream for many – striking out and leaving home in a grand voyage to discover parts of the world you may have only read about. Or maybe there are destinations you’ve visited before that you want to see again. You’ve prepared your budget, your bags, the family, and your list of destinations. What else could you be missing?

Don’t forget the cash

There are still places that don’t accept credit cards, or that won’t let you pay with cards if the total is under a certain amount. Make sure you’ve packed some spare cash that you can use in such situations or in an emergency.

Books and other diversions

It’s good to have reading material, or really anything to help fight boredom if it arises. Pack some of your old favorites and new books that you’ve been meaning to check out. Load your phone up with games you may enjoy, or podcasts your family enjoys listening to.

Extra blankets for unexpected weather

If you’re road-tripping, then you’re likely going to run into temperatures you’re not accustomed to or expecting. Taking along extra blankets can help you stay warm at lower temperatures – like in the mountains – and can keep you warm if you unexpectedly break down.

First aid kit

You can buy a first aid kit at your local pharmacy before setting off, or you can make your own if your family has special medical needs that are not accommodated by the store-bought ones. Be sure to pack ample allergy medications in case you find that the local plant life triggers your allergies wherever you go.

RV essentials

These are the things your systems need, like oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid, extra wiper blades, and a spare tire. Think outside of the RV as well, such as road flares in case you break down, raincoats, rags, and anything else you may need if you can fix mechanical issues yourself.

Hands-free phone mount

Be safe. A phone mount allows you to see your device to follow a GPS map, and your passenger won’t be tied to the seat trying to navigate for you. It also keeps your phone secured instead of propped in an area where it could easily fall and distract you.

Toll pass cards or change

Don’t forget about toll roads. Keep extra change and dollar bills near the driver’s seat, or invest in a pass card that lets you drive right through and not hassle with coins.

All the traveling apps

There are many apps you can use on long road trips for the following needs:

  • Find the cheapest gas
  • Compare area hotels and their pricing
  • Locate sites to camp in a tent or RV
  • Navigation apps that tell you road conditions as well as the fastest routes
  • Your favorite music app to spin up some great road-trip jams

Portable chargers

You can get cases that have an extra battery to double your phone life. Even if you can find one compatible with your phone, make sure you have phone battery packs you can charge separately in case you’re without power or away from your RV for a while.

Headlamps and flashlights

This goes without saying, but sometimes we need reminders. The good thing about headlamps is you can use them and still have both hands free to do what needs doing.

Inspection and registration

Make sure these are both up-to-date for your vehicle before heading out. These can be easy to forget if you’re a seasonal RVer, so it’s best to collect them before you leave home and your trusted mechanic.


Lighters and matches can help out in many situations. Maybe the electric ignitor on your stove stopped working, your space heater needs lighting, your pilot light is out, or you’re trying to start a campfire. Whatever the reason, you’ll be happy to have a lighter or matches with you. For added convenience, bring along a multi-purpose lighter that’s longer.

Most important, don’t forget to plan for emergencies. When you’re far away from home and get stranded, it’s good to know that roadside assistance is there to help you out. It not only gives you help when you need it most, but it also gives you peace of mind that someone is out there in unfamiliar countryside ready to lend a hand. See how our roadside assistance plan can help you out.

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