RV-ing Through the Holidays

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RV-ing Through the Holidays

Who needs to be in a house to have a festive celebration?

If you’re usually a host for the holidays, right about now, you are probably thinking quite a bit about turkeys, decorations, seating arrangements, and perhaps blow-up beds.

The end of the year can certainly be fun, but it’s also often very hectic. If just glancing at the calendar is making you a little stressed, maybe it’s time to do something a little different. A holiday RV trip could be just what the doctor (or Santa) ordered.

An end to hosting duties

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of taking your RV on the road for the holidays, as now you can let somebody else do all the work. Plus, when you drive your RV to that family member’s house, you’ve brought your own place to stay. This will make things easier for everyone, especially if space is at a premium. And if (or when) things get a little hairy – as they often can at these sort of get-togethers – you can quickly retreat to your RV.

A vacation within a vacation

Even if there is enough room in their driveway or on the street for your RV, you don’t necessarily have to park it at your relative’s house all the time. Perhaps there’s a campground where you can stay nearby. This gives you the best of both worlds; you can spend time with your extended family in their home and then back at your RV you can enjoy a nice campout with your spouse and kids.

A chance to go somewhere new

When you announce that you’re not hosting this year, you may find that nobody is really willing to raise their hand to take over. But instead of deciding not to get together, there’s a solution: meet in the middle. No matter where folks are coming from, chances are good that there is a town or city that is convenient for everyone to meet in. And while the others find a hotel or another place to stay, you of course just need to find a campground. Meeting in this neutral spot also offers you and everybody else the chance to check out a place you’ve perhaps never been before.

A break with tradition

Another option you might want to consider is skipping out on the festivities altogether. Maybe it’s time to carve the turkey, decorate the tree, ring in the New Year (or all three), while out on the road exploring America. This may seem like a radical concept if you’ve always done things the same way, but why not think about it? Sure, your relatives will miss you, but as long as your immediate family is with you, you can still have a great celebration.

Some practical tips for RV-ing during the holidays

Depending on where you’ll be driving, the weather could get pretty nasty, which is why you will want to prepare in advance.

This should include filling up your propane tank and taking the necessary steps to winterize your water system.

You may also want to add a wheel skirt to keep your RV better insulated and bring along a portable heater. Of course, you can always just head south or west to one of these fantastic camping spots.

The holidays should be a time of fun and joy, and if those are usually in short supply for you, it’s probably time to change things up.

An RV trip could be just what you need to find your holiday spirit again. For more information on everything RV, contact the experts at RV Advisor or become a member to gain access to exclusive offers.


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