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RVs: The New Secret Weapon Against the Spread of COVID-19

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RVs: The New Secret Weapon Against the Spread of COVID-19

Managing a smile might be more of a challenge these days.

Recently, it seems we are too busy avoiding close contact with others or trying to figure out the best way to help our elderly friends. In times of crisis, the beauty of a stunning sunset or setting aside family time to laugh and reminisce on old photographs suddenly become “less important.” Still, let us remember, during hard and challenging times, the resiliency of mankind has often been the brightest.

In the news today, there are wonderful stories about people helping others. Many of them involve Recreational Vehicles. Cities across the country have realized that RVs are one of the greatest weapons against the spread of the Covid-19, coronavirus. An RV is a life sustaining “bubble”. A person can continue to live a life resembling normalcy inside of an RV, while isolating themselves in a sanitary environment and separating themselves from the risk of infection. Those living with the virus are also able to “quarantine” themselves in their RV in order to slow or stop themselves from spreading the coronavirus.

The battle continues

Nurses and doctors are still working double shifts in Intensive Care Units teeming with Covid-19 patients. A major concern they have is that they are worried about taking remnants of the virus home to their families. Julie Niederhofer, for example, is a nurse who volunteered at the New York Presbyterian hospital and was very concerned about going back home to her family after work. That is until a kind-hearted family from  Cortland County, NY arranged for their own RV to be dropped off in Julie’s driveway.

“I still am blown away that people would do this, across the country people are doing this for strangers, and it is amazing, and I am so grateful for this,” said Niederhofer.

Riticia Augusta is another health practitioner treating patients inflicted with the coronavirus. She is now living in an RV as well, all thanks to generous donors. She plans to park the RV in her driveway in order to isolate, but still remain near her mother, who is at high-risk if she were to contract the virus.

“If she gets it from me, her outcome of survival is very low,” Augusty said. “I can’t do that to my mom.”

Everyone can help

Many RV owners across the country are now realizing that many road trips will have to wait or be cancelled this year. Instead of collecting dust, a great use for an RV is to lend it to a doctor or nurse on the frontlines fighting the virus. If you are interested in temporarily donating your RV to this important cause, or are in the medical field and in need of an RV, contact the RV Advisor Consumer Association today. You can also help us by making a donation. The RV Advisor Consumer Association has begun the Covid-19, Coronavirus Assistance Fund. All proceeds are tax-deductible and will go towards helping us provide free RVs to those in need.

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