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Should You Rent Out Your RV When You’re Not Using It?

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Should You Rent Out Your RV When You're Not Using It?

What will you do with your RV in the offseason?

For many RVers, there’s an offseason. They haven’t taken the plunge into RVing full-time yet, and they’re comfortable using their RV for vacationing only. Then comes the worry of storing it through the winter – and the possible expense of keeping it in storage. Winter is hard on vehicles and homes that are left to the elements, and every cold night takes its toll. Maybe renting it is a better option. Then you’d have a source of income, and you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your RV without heat or running the engine. But is renting really the right option?


Money can be a big motivator for renting out your RV, but it’s not the only one. If you want reasons you should consider renting, here are a few:

  • Making new friends: When you rent out your RV, it gives you the chance to get to know people who share the same interests as you. It provides you with the opportunity to guide newer RVers and keep in contact with them throughout their travels. They can share interesting destinations they’ve visited and anecdotes about their travels.
  • Sharing the life: When you rent out your RV, you could be exposing people who’ve never RVed before to the RV lifestyle. They likely want to rent an RV before they commit to purchasing one, and your willingness to rent to them could give them the opportunity to experience a dream they’ve had for a long time.
  • Knowing your rig is cared for: You can set up all the guidelines and rules you want for your RV, and you’ll know that it isn’t sitting abandoned through the winter. There will be another person caring for the tires, checking the oil, and keeping the engine going through the cold months.
  • Helping families make memories: You’ve made a lot of memories and shared many experiences with your family and friends in your RV, which has brought you closer. Now’s your chance to offer those same experiences to another family or group of friends.



That all sounds great, but what are the drawbacks? You’ve likely already considered a few that are keeping you from renting your RV out:

  • Incurring damage: Not only is there the normal wear and tear on your RV – engine, tires, internal systems – but you’re also trusting someone else to drive your RV in the offseason and not wreck it. The good news is you can rent to whomever you want, and you can screen them however you want before allowing them to rent it.
  • Unloading your RV: There are a lot of things you keep in your RV that you use whenever you camp. You may have clothes that you leave inside because they’re your RV wardrobe. Everything you keep in your RV will have to be cleaned out before you rent it.
  • Cleaning up afterward: Not only will you have to clean before you rent your RV, but you may also have to clean up a huge mess before you use it again. Not everyone who rents is tidy, and some people tend to leave a mess behind. Just like with renting out an apartment, such a mess may run to the extreme.
  • Experiencing anxiety: Even if nothing happens to your RV and it’s returned to you in pristine condition at the end of the rental, you may experience anxiety throughout the term due to worry about what could happen to your rig. Anxiety is often worse than reality, and if you suffer from overthinking and worrying, this is a real point to consider. Would you be able to rest easy knowing all the dangers your RV is being exposed to when you’re not the one driving it?


If you’ve recently decided to start RVing either full-time or part-time, then you should read through more articles on our blog. We share a lot of useful information on RV destinations, RV care, downsizing, and laws to be aware of as you’re RVing through the states. Do yourself a favor and check out the RV Advisor blog before making any decisions! Interested in becoming an RV Advisor Member? Click here to find out more about the benefits of becoming an RV Advisor Member.

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