Staying Connected on the Road

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Staying Connected on the Road

The latest RV upgrades and technology

RV travel lets you get away from the stress of your life and see the country in an entirely new way. Living a simpler life on the road doesn’t automatically mean leaving technology behind, however. There have been many advances in RV technology in the last few years that can keep you connected.

Here are some of the latest RV upgrades and tech tools

Solar power and your RV

One of the biggest trends in the RV industry has to do with solar power. Some houses and even office buildings use solar panels to lower energy consumption. Now, this technology is being applied to RVs. Having solar panels cuts down on the need to run generators, which are noisy and can emit noxious fumes. Solar power is ultimately better for the environment and safer for passengers, too. While solar panels aren’t cheap, they end up paying for themselves over time since you’ll spend less on propane gas to run that generator.

Internet access and your RV

There is no getting around the fact that we rely on our computers and smart devices for almost everything. It used to be difficult to get any type of reliable Internet or Wi-Fi connection for an RV.

For one thing, RVs are constructed of materials that inhibit Wi-Fi signals. While many RV parks offer free Wi-Fi, it’s often not very reliable. Data plans sold through cellular carriers can be equally problematic.

However, today you can buy signal boosters and antennas and set up mobile Wi-Fi hotspots through your cellular carrier. Most RVs today also come equipped with built-in USB charging ports, which a big convenience.

Helium technology and RVs

One of the newest trends in the industry is something called helium technology. It doesn’t have anything to do with balloons, however. A patented process developed by Keystone RV Company, “utilizes new design and manufacturing technologies as well as construction materials to significantly reduce the weight of the RV without sacrificing strength, cargo capacity or features.”

Improving battery life in RVs

High-end lithium batteries are a smart way to upgrade your RV’s electrical systems. They are essential if you want to implement solar power since they take power generated and convert it into usable energy to run your devices. Lithium batteries also require less maintenance, have a higher power capacity, a more efficient charge, and they last longer, which will help you save money over time.

TV screen time and your RV

It’s possible to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows while you’re on the road as most modern RVs come equipped with at least one flat-screen HDTV. Some have built-in DVD players and others can be easily hooked up to one. If you want to access TV channels, there are a few ways to go.

  • Cable TV service is often included at campgrounds and RV resorts. If you install a cable box from your provider, you will be able to access more HD channels.
  • A satellite hookup will allow you to access signals all over the country. Ask your current provider about available plans.
  • An HDTV antenna will allow you to tap into network and local TV channels.

Audio systems and your RV

What’s a road trip without music? Today’s RV sound systems offer better quality, more options and more controls. Interior speakers are now placed throughout the driving and living spaces and many systems have touchscreen controls. You can also find RV models with exterior speakers, so you can listen to music while you’re outside. You can often access satellite radio for a wider selection of music, sports and talk channels, too.

Navigation and your RV

No matter how romantic it might sound, getting lost in the middle of nowhere is not fun. GPS technology in RVs can access directions, even in places where cell and internet signals are spotty. Many modern GPS systems also come pre-loaded with useful information about campground listings, RV height and weight restrictions, construction delays, gas stations, and suggested activities or points of interest.

Traveling in an RV doesn’t automatically mean going without your devices. These tips will help you access all the technology you need.

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