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Is it Safe to Camp During the Coronavirus?

Is it safe to camp amidst this epidemic? The first coronavirus death was reported in China, January 11. What a difference six months make! In that little stretch of time our planet has been taken hostage by this stubborn virus. Certain industry has been devastated as a result, like the airline business, other businesses, however, […]

After the Coronavirus, Visiting Theme Parks Will be Very Different

The rules are changing Theme parks always seem to be right on top of the list of most popular vacation destinations. Theme parks have become a way of life — a place to go that is fun for the whole family. As a result, theme parks have popped up all across the world. Everyone loves […]

COVID-19 Risk Makes Travel by RV Safer Than Buses, Trains, and Airplanes

Our planet is being attacked by the coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, more and more people are refusing to board airplanes. Once you get on a plane, get ready for that COVID-19 infected passenger behind you to be coughing and sneezing for the entire flight. You might think you are in the clear, just because […]

Coronavirus Proves that RVs are Some of the Best Quarantine Methods

Coronavirus is changing our society. Imagine you are a mayor. You are responsible for the protection and well-being of everyone in your city. Suddenly a virus seeps through the toll gates and over the bridges. While scientists are trying to figure out even how it is caught, hundreds of people are becoming infected. In an […]

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