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National Parks Were Created by the Railroads

The railroads created our national parks. In 1872, Northern Pacific Railway and others lobbied congress successfully to create Yellowstone National Park. National parks make a lot of money. According to the National Park Conservation Association, in 2015 national park tourism ignited $32 billion for the economy. National parks are enormous money makers. Back in 1875, […]

The RV Industry Proves Economic Theories Wrong Regarding Current Recession

The coronavirus pandemic and the recession it has brought, has affected our planet in an unprecedented way. Human contact is shunned. As a result, thousands of businesses around the globe have shut their doors overnight. The restaurant industry, travel industry, movie industry and the gambling industry to name a few, have all been dealt a […]

RV Dealers & Manufacturers Looking to Attract Younger Buyers

Can the RV business survive without younger buyers? The Recreational Vehicle industry has skyrocketed with the recent times.  If you are an RV manufacturer or an RV dealer, this moment is likely very prosperous for you. Considering many complicated financial metrics, including sales increases and exorbitant industrial valuation projections, the RV industry knows that this […]

After the Coronavirus, Visiting Theme Parks Will be Very Different

The rules are changing Theme parks always seem to be right on top of the list of most popular vacation destinations. Theme parks have become a way of life — a place to go that is fun for the whole family. As a result, theme parks have popped up all across the world. Everyone loves […]

Fancy RV Parks Cost Slightly More, but You’ll Feel Really Important

You deserve a treat sometimes Fancy RV Parks are fun to try every once in a while. Sometimes a little spoiling goes a long way. Instead of staying at that same campground with the same manager who tells you the same old story about when Dom DeLuise and Burt Reynolds visited, wouldn’t you prefer to stay […]

COVID-19 Risk Makes Travel by RV Safer Than Buses, Trains, and Airplanes

Our planet is being attacked by the coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, more and more people are refusing to board airplanes. Once you get on a plane, get ready for that COVID-19 infected passenger behind you to be coughing and sneezing for the entire flight. You might think you are in the clear, just because […]

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