The Art of Campground Etiquette

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The Art of Campground Etiquette

How to make each stop pleasant for everyone

Politeness and respect for others may seem like antiquated concepts to some, but most people still believe in them. While important in all aspects of life, they become even more so in specific situations. Camping, for example, often involves strangers sharing the same space for an extended period of time. This means that for everyone to have an enjoyable experience, they should follow these rules:

Keep the noise down

If you’re on vacation, you may be anxious to sit around the campfire, make some food, and turn up the radio. And while there’s nothing wrong with playing music or having lively conversations, you should always be aware of the volume levels, especially if there are other campers close by. Also, most campgrounds have quiet hours in which you’ll need to keep the noise to a minimum.

Be mindful of your dog

Dogs often make great travel companions, but you have to make sure they’re not bothering anyone. First of all – and this should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – clean up any mess they make. Whether it’s your camping area, someone else’s, or walking or hiking trails, have a bag handy. You should always have your dog on a leash as well. Even if you have the friendliest dog on the planet, not everybody is a fan. Plus, most campgrounds require leashes.

Don’t trespass

Although nobody staying at a campsite actually owns their property, for the time being, it’s theirs, which means it should be respected. Just as you wouldn’t walk through somebody’s yard, the same should apply at a campground.

Obey the speed limits

While you’re probably excited about setting up camp, for the safety of everyone on board your RV and your fellow campers, drive carefully. Particularly in busy seasons when things can get crowded, various vehicles – along with people – could be entering or exiting the roadways at any time, which is why it’s always good to go slowly.

Be extra cautious with fires

Whether for cooking or just for warmth, a campfire is an essential component of camping for many folks. But, because they can be dangerous, they have to be treated properly. It’s important to find out if there are any restrictions. Depending on the area and time of year, they may not be allowed. A fire should also never be left unattended. And when you want to put it out, make sure to use enough water, so it’s completely doused.

Clean up thoroughly

There’s nothing worse than finding a prime spot at a campground only to discover that the last folks treated it like a garbage can. To give the next group of campers a pristine area, clean up as you go. It can be really easy for things like food wrappers to get blown away, so always be on the lookout during meals. And before you take off, do a last check of the entire campsite to make sure nothing was missed.

Talk to your neighbors

Whether on a trip or a full-time RV-er, everybody at your campsite wants to have a good time. And because you are all sharing a similar experience, a great way to enhance things is to be friendly. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your neighboring campers. You just never know who you’ll meet and the helpful or interesting information they’ll offer. Plus, when the other campers get to know you a little, they’ll probably be much more inclined to be courteous.

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