The Best Places to Stay and Visit in Indiana

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The Best Places to Stay and Visit in Indiana

The Crossroad

Long, winding rivers, stretches of sandy beaches, rows of crops opening green arms to the sunny sky. It’s not a fantasy, it’s Indiana! If you’re a lover of interstates and have traveled any of the major ones for any length of time, it’s likely that you passed through Indiana. Did you give it a second look? If you had, you may have seen rich farmlands, stunning beaches, and gossamer waterfalls. We’re taking a journey through each state in the U.S., and the winding road has led us to Indiana, the Crossroads of America!

The largest waterfalls in Indiana

Cataract Falls is a gorgeous place to spend some time if you’re calmed by the water. The falls drop a total of 86 feet, and cascade over a natural stairway of stones soothed into submission by the passage of time and water. But have your hiking shoes on. While the trip to the falls isn’t easy, it’s well worth the three-mile walk to bask in the warmth and beauty of Cataract Falls.

A thriving city lost in time

If you think that there’s only one Chicago, then you haven’t heard about City West Ghost Town. Across the river and less than a hundred miles away, City West gave Chicago a run for its money back in 1837. It was a city of dreams, but like most dreams, the city was lost in planning. Some buildings saw construction, but it was mostly abandoned not long after construction started. It was a failed attempt at a grand new city. While you’re making your way across Indiana, be sure to stop and check out the ruins.

The hill that defies gravity

While Mooresville’s Gravity Hill doesn’t look remarkable, something amazing happens when you stop at the base of it. Don’t have your car in park, put it in neutral and let gravity do the work. That’s right, this hill will pull your car up it without the use of an accelerator or shifting gears.

The legend says a school bus was struck by a train at the base of the hill, and several occupants were killed. When you stop at the base of the hill, the ghosts of those who died in the collision will push your vehicle up the hill to safety. It’s a chilling legend for sure, but – spoiler alert – it’s actually all an optical illusion. Still, if you want to entice the mind a bit, sprinkle flour on your bumper and see if you can see the handprints of those helpful spirits once you’re safely at the top.

Lunar tree

While the Indianapolis Moon Tree isn’t exactly from the moon, its seed did take a cosmic trip to our natural satellite and back. Originally five hundred seeds made the trip to the moon, and while all of them were planted upon their return, only fifty remain standing today. The tall sycamore may have a few of its own alien encounters to talk about, if only we knew how to listen. Still, the 30-year-old tree is something to behold if you find yourself in Indianapolis.

A water lover’s dream come true

At Hidden Paradise Campground you’ll find a lot of water attractions to cool yourself off. With slides, a climbing rock, and water trampoline, there’s fun to be had by all the members of your family. Take a dip to get a little exercise or just to ease your tired muscles, or hit the lake in a paddle boat or canoe to enjoy more of the location. You can even go scuba diving if you want to enjoy more of the aquatic life!

Camping fun enough you can bring your dog

Maple Ridge Campground is a seasonal RV park that offers a wide range of activities you can enjoy, like a campground bonfire, themed weekend activities, swimming, and trails you can use for hiking, biking, or jogging. You can rent for a single night, or an entire month if you’re looking for a scenic place to wind down before your next big adventure. No matter the reason you find yourself at Maple Ridge, you’re going to enjoy your stay.

What a crazy ride we just took through Indiana. If you happen to have had too much fun and your RV starts acting up, help is only a phone call away with The RV Advisor. If you need mechanical help, and don’t relish the idea of paying for repairs while you’re enjoying yourself, our virtual diagnostic may be all the help you need. We can help you figure out what’s wrong and give ideas of how you can fix the issue while we’re on the phone with you!

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