The Brightest Ideas and Smartest Solutions for RV Living

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The Brightest Ideas and Smartest Solutions for RV Living

Some hints for storage, tech, maintenance, and more

They say intuitive improvisation is the key to genius. Whoever said that must have owned an RV! We all recognize that moment where a problem pops up, and a quick fix is needed. There’s a long list of problems that can make a trip taxing, so we’ve compiled a checklist of some of the cleverest ways to optimize your RV experience.

Saving space and keeping things tidy

With space at a premium, consider the following tricks:

    • Living room. Where’s the remote control? You’ll know if you apply a Velcro patch to the back of the remote and another to the surface of your choice.
    • Bathroom. Shoe nets in the shower? You bet. They provide plenty of pockets for cosmetics, and shower rods can return the favor by providing shoe storage. Command strips can be stuck to walls, then used to hold everything from toothbrush holders to small shelves.
    • Kitchen. Velcro can save you space in the living room, but magnets can be great in the kitchen. A few magnetic strips attached to the wall saves storage space and keeps things tidy (check out this very crafty example for a how-to). Gripper clips are a great way to keep things firmly attached in the kitchen; you may even want to use them around the RV for other objects.
    • Bedroom. Vacuum bags are great for storage, particularly if you have room under the bed. Becoming a master in the art of clothes folding can save you plenty of storage space. Hanging shelves are popular with lots of RV owners who pop one in their closet to make extra room. Ultra-slim hangers are another space saver when space is tight.

Making the most of tech in your RV

You can help strengthen your Wi-Fi signal with typical tips, but an extra hack is a signal booster. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to improve your reception. If you’re out of the RV and moving around, keeping your phone charged can be a chore. Solar chargers can be a lifesaver and come in many shapes, sizes and price points.

Keen readers can prevent battery drainage by investing in a booklight (they also make a handy flashlight in a pinch). RV communication can be difficult during things like parking and repairs. A two-way radio helps travelers stay in touch, give directions and not to have to yell over the external or internal noise.

A few maintenance musts for RV life

Maintaining a clean RV can be a healthier, toxin-free experience when you choose eco-friendly products. Keeping your RV running smoothly with a maintenance checklist can prevent bigger problems down the road. Make sure you ask yourself these questions:

  • When’s the last time I changed my oil? It’s a hotly debated topic among RV owners as to when is the best time to change your RVs oil. Many people do so between 3,000-5,000 miles, while others stick to what the owner’s manual recommends.
  • Am I regularly checking my roof seals and seams? Exterior objects and weather exposure are two things that can threaten the integrity of your roof. The more regular your checks, the better. But we don’t recommend letting six months pass without a checkup.
  • Am I being kind to my tires and brakes? Keeping a sensible speed will spare your tires a lot of wear and tear. Maintenance stops for tire and brake checks can save you a small fortune down the line.
  • How often do I vacuum and sweep? There’s no way around indoor chores! Housework qualifies as a hack. Taking care of vacuuming and sweeping daily will prevent your carpets and flooring wearing down with all the grime and grit brought in from outdoors. As for your RV’s exterior, a deep wash and wax at least once a year will maintain its condition, as will keeping it under cover when not in use.

A spare tire is also indispensable, and even with RV hacking skills, we recommend carrying roadside assistance to help when things get rough.

There are so many hacks for RV-ing, and the RV community thinks up more every day. We hope these tips solved a few problems. We love to share useful advice and invaluable resources with our thousands of members, so consider becoming part of the RV Advisor family today.

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