The Latest on RV Innovations and Advancements

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The Latest on RV Innovations and Advancements

What the Future Holds for RVs

What you could be driving (or even sailing!) soon

These days, it doesn’t take long to see how quickly things evolve. If you’ve recently shopped for an RV, comparing models just a few years apart probably revealed substantial differences. And just when you think something has been perfected, almost inevitably an improvement will be made. Let’s take a look at some RV innovations that seem futuristic, but could be here sooner rather than later.

A greener motorhome

It’s impossible to talk about vehicles without mentioning their impact on the environment, and some companies have started selling electric RVs. However, Dethleffs is now working on an RV that takes sustainability further. In addition to a zero-emissions powertrain, their e.home model has more than 330 square feet of solar panels. They generate up to 3,000 watts to keep the RV’s 228Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery charged.

A mobile tiny house

Tiny houses have been a hot trend for a while now, and the sCarabane has taken this concept to a whole new level. While being towed, this camper just looks like a big silver box, but the real magic happens when travelers get to their destination. Then it unfolds to showcase its secret: a 420-square-foot house. Resting on a circular stand which allows for rotation, this home has two sizable bedrooms and a kitchen that opens onto a covered deck. The sCarabane also uses solar and wind power to generate electricity.

An RV that’s also a boat

Why park your RV at a lake when you can take it on the lake? With Departure One, now you have the choice. Made from a water-resistant aluminum hull, this 30-foot-long can be taken almost anywhere. Plus, it offers luxury amenities, including a well-equipped kitchen and a big living room, and it’s big enough to fit four people comfortably.

An expandable trailer

For RV owners, striking a good balance between a sizable rig and one that’s also easy to drive/tow is often difficult. But thanks to the Beauer 3X trailer, that may soon be a thing of the past. When it’s closed, the trailer is only 20 feet long, making it very easy to tow. And once it’s time to set up camp, all it takes is 20 seconds for it to expand to 130 square feet of total living space. The trick is that the trailer has a telescoping design – and furniture made to fit together – which enables it to fold. And when expanded, the roomy trailer has a bedroom with a double bed, living room with a pull-out couch, kitchen, and dining room.

A little bit of everything

There’s a new RV that will be on the market soon that utilizes several of the advancements mentioned above. The Romotow is another towable trailer that also has expandable capabilities. While it can be used as-is, it can also fold out to create a deck area. The 290-square-feet of living space contains two sleeping areas, a customizable kitchen, large bathroom, and a built-in state-of-the-art sound system. Lined with synthetic teak, the deck includes a fold-down electric grill and comes with an enclosure kit to create another sleeping area big enough for four additional people. Plus, the Romotow utilizes solar panels and a 400Ah battery, along with a diesel cooking and heating system.

Even if you can’t afford one of these futuristic RVs, the good news is that even the less fancy models are getting better and more advanced all the time. To stay up-to-date on all of the latest developments with RVs, we welcome you to become a member of the RV community. In addition to information, this entitles you to several perks, including many discounts and coupons at several places, including campsites and restaurants.

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