Tips for Keeping a Clean RV

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Tips for Keeping a Clean RV

You’ll enjoy your journeys a lot more in a pristine environment

Dirt is something we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Even if you try to be as neat as possible with all you do, things will inevitably get dirty. And this is frequently magnified in an RV. After all, an RV is both a home – even if it’s just temporary – and a vehicle.

It’s easy for the grime to build up quickly. Whether you’re about to set off on a long trip or perhaps you’ve just come back from one, the tips below can help you get your RV back to its spotless condition.

Make sure you have the right tools and supplies

While you can use most household items to clean your RV, it makes more sense to go with size-appropriate products. These include a compact vacuum cleaner, whiskbroom and dustpan, and a small mop.

A good multi-surface cleaner can help you tackle most areas of your RV, and you should also have some micro-fiber cloths on hand.

Start at the top

When you’re ready to start cleaning, begin at the top. Your ceiling may just need a quick wipe down, but also take a look at the vents, as they can easily accumulate dust.

This is also a good time to check your filters to see if they need to be replaced. Then move on to the windows with your multi-surface cleaner or a glass cleaner.

Head to the kitchen

Chances are good that the kitchen is the dirtiest spot in your RV. Step one should be to take out everything from the cabinets and throw out any food or other things that are old or you no longer want. Then you can give the interior a thorough wipe down and reorganize your food supplies.

Do the same for your refrigerator. Your countertop and stovetop should be cleaned with a mild cleaner. Lastly, you’ll want to remove the filter in your range hood, submerge it in warm, soapy water, and make sure it’s dry before putting it back.

Tackle the bathroom

For surfaces in the bathroom, most cleaners will work, but you don’t want to use just anything for the toilet. Because an RV toilet is different from one in a house, it has to be treated more carefully.

It’s important to use all-natural cleaners, as harsh chemicals can damage the plumbing.

Address your seats

Long trips often involve snacks and drinks, and this means crumbs and spills. If there are stains on the seats, a fabric cleaner should be able to get them out. You can use the attachments on your vacuum to get into those narrow corners.

End with the floors

Start by either vacuuming or sweeping your floors. Because dirt loves cracks and crevices, you can use your vacuum to get in all of those little spots. If the floor is made of vinyl, a non-rinse floor cleaner will give it a nice shine.

If you don’t already have one, consider using a floor mat/rug by the door to help prevent dirt from spreading too far inside.

Don’t forget the exterior

Once the inside is spotless, you should head outside and see what the exterior looks like. If it also needs some work, the first thing to do is spray it down with a hose.

This may be all you need to do to take off the dirt. If you want to give it a deeper cleaning, however, there are different products available for a variety of RV exterior surfaces. And if you’ve got those annoying black streaks to deal with, try these tips.

For more information on anything related to RV care or maintenance, just get in touch with the RV Advisor.

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