Tips for Updating Your RVs Shelving and Flooring

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Tips for Updating Your RVs Shelving and Flooring

Enjoy your journeys even more with these ideas

There is certainly no shortage of different kinds of RVs. They come in a wide variety of sizes, with amenities ranging from “no-frills” to luxuries that rival many stationary homes. And the good news for people who may not be able to afford one in that latter category is that all RVs can be remodeled or reconfigured. While your current RV might be a little older or more cramped than you would like, there are things you can do to freshen it up and make it better for everyone.

How to get more out of your shelves and cabinets

One of the biggest issues RV-ers have to deal with is space and, more specifically, the lack of it. The right tricks, however, can make all the difference.

In the kitchen

Space is tight everywhere in an RV, and this is perhaps most evident in the kitchen. With food, cookware, and everything else you need in there, things can get crowded quickly. One way to free up space is by putting up a hanging rack on the wall under the cabinets for your big utensils. You can also install a towel bar and use hanging baskets for fruit and veggies that shouldn’t be refrigerated.

In the bedroom

Even if your RV doesn’t come with pullout drawers in the bedroom, you can still bring all of the clothes you need. A long, collapsible canvas shelf – one with many compartments – hung from the rod in your closet will immediately give you much more room.

In the bathroom

Space is usually most limited in an RV bathroom, and this is where the hanging trick comes in handy again. Attaching a couple of towel rods to a wall and then hanging small baskets from them will let you free up valuable space for the counter and medicine cabinet.

4 flooring options

If you use your RV often, your floor probably isn’t looking so great. In addition to constant wear, it is subjected to dirt and mud (and whatever else you track in), spilled food and drinks, and perhaps damage from a dog or two. If your flooring is ready for a replacement, these are your options:


Many RV-ers put carpet on their floors because it’s usually easy to install and is affordable. Carpet can wear out pretty quickly though, and because it retains moisture, it is susceptible to mold and mildew.


Laminate flooring is also inexpensive, and the installation is generally pretty quick. But, like carpet, it can be damaged by moisture. Laminate also doesn’t hold up very well to a lot of constant foot traffic.


Hardwood is an excellent choice if you’re looking to add some luxury and style to your RV. It should be noted that hardwood will cost a little more and it does require a good amount of care and maintenance.


Vinyl is a good flooring option for an RV for a few reasons. It is tough and durable, so it will hold up well for a long time. It is also water resistant and easy to clean and maintain. The only issue with vinyl, however, is that it can be a little difficult to install. Plus, vinyl planks expand and contract due to the weather, so this can result in buckling or even separation.

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