Upgrading Your RV: Trading in vs. Renovating

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Upgrading Your RV: Trading in vs. Renovating

When you’re ready to upgrade your RV, it’s important to consider all the best options

An RV is a significant investment, and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your upgrade. The big consideration facing most RVers when it’s time to upgrade is whether to trade-in to a dealer for a new model, or put time and money into renovating their current rig.

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your individual situation. Some people really enjoy the customization of renovating, while others love the bells and whistles of a brand-new RV. If you’re stuck between the two choices, we’ve outlined some information about the two options. Take a look and see for yourself which is right for you.

The benefits of trading in

Of the two choices, trading in your current RV is definitely the most convenient. Most RV dealerships have programs in place for trading in your RV, so that you can get the most value from your trade-in to put towards a new motorhome. Trading in your RV might be an excellent choice if you want a nicer RV without the hassle of DIY renovations.

You can head to the dealership and take a look around at the available options. If you want a new RV, you need to be prepared to work out financing or payments – because a trade-in usually won’t cover the full cost of a new vehicle. Still, it’s a great way to knock off a decent chunk of change from your final price. This is a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade to a bigger, better RV and is ready to make the financial commitment.

The benefits of remodeling

Trading in for a new rig might not be your ideal choice, and that’s okay too. Remodeling is a great option for those who are willing to put a little extra time and effort into doing their own upgrades.
What’s especially nice about remodeling is that you have total freedom to customize your RV home just the way you like it. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few personalized updates can make!

Many RV-ers love to add their own flair and features to their vehicles, and we agree that it’s definitely the way to guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want. If you decide to take on your own remodel, big renovation projects tend to take more time and cost more than you initially expect. It’s a mistake to assume that a DIY renovation is automatically cheaper than a trade-in financing deal.

A camper remodel can easily cost thousands of dollars in supplies alone, not to mention your time and labor. So, we don’t recommend doing this purely as a cost-saving measure.
The best remodel results come for those who truly want a fully personalized RV experience made just for them. If that’s you, then by all means, DIY away!

Which is right for you?

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right option for your upgrade, we recommend taking some time to research each scenario fully. Speak with a dealership about a potential trade-in. See what vehicles would be available in your price range, and determine your trade-in value. Take good notes so that you can compare them later. It’s also a good idea to write down everything associated with your remodel. Plan priority projects, price check materials, and contact handymen for anything you can’t do yourself.

Once you have all this information in front of you, compare your plans and see what feels best. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different families have different needs, finances, and ways of using their RV. You can determine what choice is right by getting some cold hard data on what it will take to upgrade.

When it’s time to upgrade, do what’s right for you and your family

We hope this information has helped you understand the benefits of trading in or remodeling your RV. Having a camper that fits your unique needs and situation is the best way to fully enjoy your RV experience! To gain access to other valuable RV-ing tips, become an RV Advisor Member! Membership starts at just $23 per year (3 year plan). Sign up today!

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