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Why Every RVer Needs Roadside Assistance

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Why Every RVer Needs Roadside Assistance

There seems to be a parade of expenses required to get your RV on the road. On top of lease payments and insurance payments, any penny you can save is greatly appreciated. As a result, sometimes RV owners pass on roadside assistance.

Most people assume that the insurance company will provide tows and flat tire repairs for their RV. This is a big misconception. Usually, your RV insurance only kicks in as long as the incident in question involved another vehicle. If the problem only involves your RV, like a dead battery or running out of gas, your insurance company won’t dirty their hands with you.

The RV Advisor Roadside Assistance plan is one of the most affordable plans out there

The RV Advisor’s Roadside Assistance plan is just $99 a year (or less for multiple years), making it one of the most affordable plans out there. Hopefully, you’ll never have to get your RV towed, especially if you don’t have roadside assistance. Without roadside assistance, it could easily cost someone a few hundred dollars. That is of course, considering the tow truck was able to tow the RV. Lots of times, the tow truck is not big enough to tow an RV and it could be a long time until you and your family are rescued from the side of that desolate highway. Tell your daughter to ignore the strange man looking for his lost pet chicken.

Our Roadside Assistance plan is designed to cover everything! Under our plan, RVs, personal vehicles, horse trailers, bike trailers, boats, motorcycles, and trailers are all covered. Even family members and children up to the age of 24 are covered as well! Roadside Assistance coverage will take away many concerns regarding towing or a breakdown on your RV trip or vacation.

Make sure you and your family are not stranded in a blizzard with a flat!

Especially, as we wiggle into a white winter, or slide into a sweltering summer, we won’t want to go on that RV expedition without roadside assistance. During below freezing or scorching temperatures, roadside assistance calls are nearly doubled, according to AAA.

Vehicles can require a tow for countless reasons. You never know when you will need a tow. All you could do is hope that your RV doesn’t break down while driving through a scorching desert or a freezing blizzard. In fact, vehicles are more likely to require a tow while driving through extreme temperatures. When the roads are icy, for example, chances of sliding into an accident are obviously greater. Likewise, when it is boiling, your vehicle is more likely to overheat.

Acknowledging that you need roadside assistance is the easy part, figuring out which program is good for you, is the tricky part. Sometimes a new or certified used vehicle may offer a roadside assistance plan for the length of the warranty, but you may still want to be an RV Advisor member to be sure you have the best coverage for your needs.

What to do if and when my RV breaks down

There are many reasons why an RV will need to be towed. It might be the greatest RV in the world, free from any mechanical defect, but a tire blowout or accidental crash between someone else’s vehicle and your own can cause you to require a tow.

  1. The first thing you need to do is stay calm. Especially if you have a family on board, if you start freaking out, the already unpleasant scenario will become much more terrifying. Take a deep breath, shut your eyes, and go to a happy place. That should work!
  2. Steer your RV to the side of the road. Put your hazard blinkers on.
  3. Make sure that no one in your RV is hurt. Have everyone leave the RV and stand in a safe place.
  4. If it is dark, set up flares around your RV, to ensure that passing cars can see you
  5. Check everything out. Are there any peculiar smells or smoke coming out of your vehicle? When you speak to your insurance company as well as roadside-assistance, you’ll want to be prepared to give them a complete and accurate scenario.
  6. This is when you call roadside assistance.


Contact the RV Advisor to discuss roadside assistance

The RV Advisor Roadside Assistance plan was designed for the RV enthusiast. Without the worries of running out of fuel, getting a flat tire or some other unexpected catastrophe, RV travelers can enjoy the road and keep on truckin’ under the stars.

One of our helpful operators are sitting by the phone right now, waiting to speak to you! Call 1(833)229-0911 to find out how our Roadside Assistance plan can make your next RV adventure free from any worries.

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