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Why Not Wind Down in a Winter Wonderland?

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Why Not Wind Down in a Winter Wonderland?

Where you should opt-in when standard holidaymakers drop out

Winter is a time for shutting down across most of America. Summer is gone, and vacations are gone with it. There’s nothing left to do but stay home and stay warm. However, if you own an RV, it’s a different story. You can still stay at home, but your home can go wherever you want.

Your RV is a ticket to see America’s stunning scenery in a whole new light and to do so with all the comforts you’re used to. Winter has plenty of advantages as a vacation time. It lets travelers truly appreciate the road life with fewer holidaymakers around than usual. Wildlife spotters get their chance to see some species in their element.

There are a lot of possible destinations to choose from, but we think we’ve chosen the best for you to consider.

Marvel at majestic mountains

Nothing highlights snow better than a mountain range, and America has some of the most magnificent. The Appalachians alone run for over 1,500 miles along our coast, offering many RV stops with tons of activities and of course, breathtaking scenery.

The sprawling Cheyenne Winter Park offers full hook-ups, biking, and hiking among other fun things to do. It’s also a wildlife lover’s dream spot. The aptly-named Glacier National Park has even more things to do and is open in winter if the weather isn’t too extreme.

The West coast offers the grandeur of Yosemite National Park, home of the famous El Capitan. It has ten campgrounds with availability to RVs; a limited number as our National Parks are precious. As most RV-ers will know, campsites are on the outskirts of a national park. As with all RV parks, the amenities available may change seasonally so check ahead.

If you can grab a spot at Yosemite, it will be worth your while. Backpacking, snowboarding, skiing, and hiking are some of the activities you can enjoy if you pay attention to weather etiquette and properly care for your RV. Yosemite also topped this list of ideal RV Christmas destinations, beating out some stiff competition!

Delight in the desert

The desert can be a great place to escape the crowds even when it’s peak season, but in winter the peace and quiet are pronounced. The U.S. has several scenic desert spots to choose from. The Great Basin Desert is America’s northernmost and largest. Of the five available campgrounds, only lower Lehman Park is open year-round. If you can grab a spot, you’ll find it an affordable and breathtaking stop at above 7,000 feet.

California again offers up some lovely desert winter spots. The Mojave provides a very affordable stay at one of its two major campgrounds. You won’t be quite so high up as in the Great Basin, but the cool desert floor offers a scenic hike. The vast Chihuahuan desert stretches across three states, so if you’re in Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas,you could add it to your list. The campsites open year-round offering activities like picnicking, nature study, equestrianism, and rafting.

The Grand Canyon is world-famous for its burned red, brown, and golden shades. In winter it takes on a whole new palette. Winter storms, ice, and snow add to the power of this place for RV-ers who visit it. The South Rim of the canyon is open year-round and depending on where you park you can find milder or more extreme cold temperatures. The hikes are among the best but always make sure you are smart and safe when you go.

Remember, desert nights are infamous for being chilly. Always make your comfort and safety a priority by checking out tips to stay as cozy as you can and winterize your RV.

Snow globe city

OK, we did say that winter RV-ing offers the chance to get away from the crowds, but not everyone goes in for that kind of thing. Maybe you like the buzz of others in the snowy season. If you do, consider parking next to a big city like New York.

Liberty Harbor is neighbor to the Big Apple and is open year-round. You’ll be right next to some of the most famous sights on Earth, while New York’s five major public parks (Battery, Bryant, Central, Union Square, and Washington Square) offer a crisp, picturesque walk in the frost. Check out a typical Christmas schedule in that neck of the woods.

We hope this list of super cool RV stopovers gave you some food for thought. With some RV winterizing, safety smarts, and adventurous spirit, the cold won’t keep you from enjoying new experiences and making some new memories.

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